Summary: The great commission of God cannot take for granted to go anywhere and preach to everyone. There is a time for everything. Read further to know the mission of the Holy Spirit.

Acts 16:06-15 Macedonian Call and Ministry at Philippi

16:06-08 Holy Spirit Prohibits to Preach the Gospel

16:09-12 Ministry at Macedonia

16:13-15 Conversion of Lydia

Acts 16:06-08 Holy Spirit Prohibits to Preach the Gospel

Paul and his companions traveled throughout Phrygia, Galatia, and the province of Asia. They had gone for preaching the Gospel to all cities and all nations. But, surprisingly Holy Spirit prohibited them not to preach the Gospel in the province of Asia. Then they traveled to Mysia, and they tried to enter into Bithynia, again the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to go in. So they continued their journey to Troas. The great commission of God cannot take for granted to go anywhere and preach to everyone. There is a time for everything. The Holy Spirit guides and leads according to the harvest plan of God. Many missions, gospel preaching, campaigns failed to yield results due to lack of prayer and moving without the guidance and direction of the Spirit of Jesus. We are called to preach but need the permission of the Holy Spirit at every moment to avoid utter failure.

Acts 16:09-12 Ministry at Macedonia

Paul could have been frustrated or exhausted from not doing the ministry. He could have felt distressed and constrained not to preach Gospel in Phrygia, Galatia, province of Asia, and Bithynia. He might have spent time in prayer with his co-worker Silas before going to bed for the direction of the Spirit. During the night, Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him to come over to Macedonia and help them. Is it not true that God prepares the minds to receive the Gospel? Paul and Silas rejoiced to know that there are people with an eagerness to receive the Gospel. They had convinced that God opened the way to preach the Gospel among the Macedonians. When Paul and Silas got the vision of the mission field, they decided to travel by ship to Macedonia. They traveled through Troas, Samothrace, Neapolis, and finally reached Philippi. It was the leading city of Macedonia. Paul and his companions stayed there for several days.

Acts 16:06-08 Conversion of Lydia

Paul and his mission partners began their mission work by going to the city gate and the river to find a suitable place for prayer. They had started their mission by picking up the conversation with the women who gathered there for business, and time pass. Their preaching reached a woman named Lydia, a businesswoman from Thyatira, selling the purple cloth. She was a worshipper of God. The Lord opened her heart to respond to the message of Paul. She accepted Christ, and she took baptism along with her household on that day. She requested Paul and her companions to extend their fellowship with her. It is pleasant to read the result of the mission work done according to the clear guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit. It reminds the truth that God’s mission done in God’s way gives expected results. We need to take extra precautions while we plan for pioneer work and church planting.


1. Do we need to get the direction of the Spirit every time we go for preaching?

2. How do we choose mission fields these days?

3. What are the reasons for our failures and suggest few ideas for a successful mission in our era?

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