Summary: The purpose of this sermon is to remind those who suffer from low self esteem, that they were made to be like God.

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"Made To Be Like God"

1. Divine Consultation (Let Us make man)

A. Father

B. Son

C. Holy Ghost

2. Spiritual Replication (Not an exact likeness as Jesus)

A. Intelligence

B. Rationalization

C. Proneness to worship

3. Unique Mixture

A. The Thought (And God said, He spoke his thought)

B. The earth (The lump of clay)

C. The breath (He breathed into man’s nostrils)

4. Image Alteration

A. Satan (Sin started in the spiritual realm)

B. Sin (Man’s desire to be God, not to be like him)

C. Separation (Sin separated man from an all holy God)

5. Divine Incarnation

A. Son (God became man)

B. Servant (God became servant)

C. Saviour (God gave Himself through His Son)

6. Greatness of God

A. Creation (He created man)

B. Incarnation (He became man)

C. Salvation (He saved man)

Conclusion: In this age of low self-esteem, we must remind our youth that the highest honor possible is to be like God. It was God, who said;"Let us make man in our image." He created everything else from the earth and the waters after their kind. But man was created from above and beneath, as such he has a dual citizenship. He is a citizen of both heaven and earth. That explains why he lives on earth and yearns for heaven. The thought of God honoring man with His own likeness brings unspeakable joy. There is no greater challenge. No greater purpose. No greater ambition. No greater role model. No greater goal on this side of Heaven....

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