Summary: How the tears of the Woman changed into Joy on the Resurrection day at the Garden of Joseph where Jesus was Buried. She had the vision of Angels, vision of Jesus and led to reach the Community of people who were in need.

John 20:01-18

Resurrection Day

Mary the Magdalene

She was most affected person. She was lost and found by God. She had deliverance from 7 Evil Spirits. She loved her master so much. She was willing to spend anything for Jesus. She was confused with a woman who had broken her Alabaster, a dancing woman in the courtyard of the leaders. Mary Magdalene was faithful friend and disciple of Jesus Christ. Mary means wise woman/lady. Heb: Miriam or Mariam me. She came from a town called Magdala on the western side of the sea of Galilee. She ministered Jesus with her wealth (Lk.8:1-4).

It is believed that men followed Jesus under the leadership of Peter; and women under the leadership of Mary Magdalene. She was present at the crucifixion (Mk.15:40-41, Lk. 23:49, Mt.27:55-56, & John 19:25) and She led women to graveyard (Mk.16:1, Mt.28:01, Jn.20:01)

She was desperate, discouraged, disheartened, troubled and perplexed (Lk.24:4) She earnestly searching, weeping. Oh, that led her to the great visions of Angels, resurrected Jesus and People.

Vision of the Angels

The real search for the truth, grace, comforts always leads to the vision of the Angels. The deeper meditation and the deeper relationship with the Word and the Lord. The spiritual religion leads to the spiritual beings. Hagar met by the Angel in Gen.16:7. Jacob had the dream of the Angels descending and ascending into the heaven and the Earth in Gen.28:12;31:11. Elijah was supplied with hot cake and meat by an Angel (I Ki.19:5,7). Elisha was guarded by the great band of Armies of God in II Ki.6:16-17. Gabriel brought Good news to Mary the Mother of Jesus (Lk.1:26-28), He brought good news to Daniel the Prophet (Dan.9:23) and he brought good news to the Shepherds (Lk.2:9). The angels came and comforted Jesus in Wilderness after temptations (Mt.4:11), and in the Gethsemane during prayer (Lk.22:43-44).

Vision of God

Whoever sought the Lord with sincerity and wholeheartedness they saw the mighty vision of God in person, in word and in thought. Adam and Eve (Gen.2:21-22); Cain and Abel (Gen.4:3-4); Enoch (Gen.5:22,24), Noah (Gen.6:9), Abraham (Gen.12:7) and Sarah (Gen.18:12); Isaac (Gen.26:24) and Jacob (Gen.28:13,15). Then we have selected leaders such as Moses (Heb 11:27), Aaron (Nu.20:6), Hebrews (Lev.9:4,6, Dt.31:15) Joshua (Dt.31:14-23), Samuel (I Sam.3:21), Solomon (I Ki.11:9).

The vision of God motivates to Holiness, compassion, mercy, justice, fear of the Lord and the fear of the Sin and leads to Eternity. Mary understood the Jesus whom she sees now is not the Jesus she saw on Friday. Most of the time we seek the Dead God in the Dead Church with dead believers so you don’t find him with full radiance of God.

Vision of People

Moses had the vision of people before and after meeting God. Deborah had the vision of the people. Mordecai and Daniel had the vision of people. Eliezer and Elijah had the vision of the corrupted and sinful community. Nehemiah and Ezra had the burden for the Community. Paul and Barnabas; Paul and team of his disciples had the vision of the People.

The four Lepers had the concern for the dying people. God searches for the persons who can stand on the gates of the Prayer, Evangelism and witnessing. God looks for the committed people in our generations for the betterment of the Society and Church. Mary took the Good news to His disciples.

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