Summary: God's Word 'trumps' all ... including the new President. A timely look at the only way of escape from the looming destruction for which we are unwittingly poised. Includes link to PowerPoint.

Ps. 33:12-22

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Our text begins: “Blessed is the nation whose…”

And how does it continue? “…whose president is Trump”?

Whose stocks are on the rise? / whose healthcare law is repealed? / whose factories move back from Mexico? / whose border wall is built? / whose friend is Putin? [see Ezek. 38-39 for the end times role of Russia, AKA Gog and Magog]

No. “…whose God is the Lord”!

v. 22 ends “we hope in thee”

It is vain to trust in kings [Psalm 146:3]

Yes, it is vain to trust in men…

…especially prideful ones with no record of righteousness and with personal morals only rivaled by Bill Clinton.

Now, I am thankful for the election…in the sense of who lost. No good was going to come from a Hillary administration. But I am not at all ready to go out on a limb and say that the nation won. I mean, what is this guy - a consolation prize? I like where he currently stands on many issues … but I say ‘currently’ since he hasn’t stood there long, and I’m not sure how resolutely he stands at all.

If we truly want to be great again, we must seek to be Godly again!

I truly hope that the nation wins. I hope the unborn truly win. I hope for prosperity. I am trying to be optimistic…but I must be realistic. And as I see conservative America begin to ‘hero worship’ a ‘king-like’ man and put their trust in him I shudder in fear.

I am one of those who voted for the Vice President. I literally said to the lady at the ballot box, “I am voting for Vice President only. Do I have to take his running mate?” She knew exactly what I meant, though she couldn’t let on.

I believe in voting for principles, for morality, and righteousness which exalts a nation. We should vote for principle over pocketbook. Is it wrong to want to be prosperous, and to strive to expand and upgrade business? No, but the Scriptures are very clear that it is God who brings the increase, not politicians.

During the Clinton years all America cared about was Dow Jones, when we should have cared about ‘Paula Jones’. Have we come full circle? Will you really rejoice as long as you prosper, even if your leaders have the morals of alley cats?

I am hopeful for America to be great again…and it will only happen if America becomes Godly again.

Let’s begin with the positive…and there’s much to be positive about:

With all her faults, America is still the greatest place on Earth to live!

1. Her Greatness

• Great for her beauty

But that’s not what makes her great. Beauty can be deceitful, and ugly can go all the way to the bone. Outwardly the new world hosts the prettiest places on the planet. But what is true greatness?

• Great for her freedoms

The United States of America is over 240 years old. That’s young in a historical perspective, but it's a long time for a nation to remain free. Really, when you look at our history in the context of world history America is just a CHILD among the nations. Egypt, China, Japan, Rome, Greece all make America’s history seem so short. Consider what a brief time we’ve really been here as a nation: When Thomas Jefferson died, Abraham Lincoln was a young man of 17. When Lincoln was assassinated, Woodrow Wilson was a boy of 8. By the time he died Ronald Reagan was a boy of 12. And when Reagan was in office, our most recent President was still eating dogs in Kenya!

There you have it. The lives of four men can take you all the way back to the beginning of our country. We are so young. And yet we stand tall among the nations because of the principles on which we were established.

There’s a real trend today in America for anti-Americanism, anti-patriotism…the UN is doing much to strip us of our sovereignty.

They revise history to undermine the character and integrity of our founding fathers, saying they weren’t who we know they were. They say they weren’t motivated by principle but by property, were motivated by greed and desire for wealth.

But that’s not true…the men who signed the Declaration of Independence had far more to lose than to gain! Most were very wealthy already. 24 were lawyers and such, 9 were landowners or rich farmers, 11 were merchants, the others were physicians, ministers, politicians, etc. All but 2 who signed had families. They were educated men of standing in their communities…they knew security and prosperity, but felt there was something more important than security: freedom!

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