Summary: Our new year resolution has to reflect our concern not only for this world but also that of the Kingdom of God

When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God (1 or 10:31)

Whenever we have a New Year service, many of us feel good and bad at the same time.

We feel bad because having another year means we are getting old and looking back the past year, we feel a lot of regrets: with a lot of wishful thinking “I wish I had done something or had done better; or I wish I hadn’t done that.”

But, then we feel good at the same time thanking God, who in His mercy has given us another year to live and try. In fact, I know all of you made some kind of New Year resolution: better grade in school, playing music instrument, friendship, being mature, and so and so.

But, I am thinking, how would your resolution be different from nonbelievers?

I would say, there wouldn’t be much difference though I don’t see any wrong with all your resolutions.

But I have to ask this: Why do you want to have a better grade in school or have better musical skills for that matter, etc? Obviously we want to go to better known college. Why better college, it guarantees better job and reputation, which in turn means better marriage partner and better life.

Many believe more money and better reputation guarantee better life.

And I don’t see any wrong with being rich and famous.

In fact I hope you guys become rich and famous, influential people.

But, at the same time, we have to acknowledge there are things, which we can’t buy with our money and fame and which is far important than our money and fame. This is why rich and famous people are not necessarily happy though they have better chance.

My point is this. We can have same resolution as any others do.

But, the real question is not what your resolution is, but why is your resolution.

I mean your reason for your resolution is far more important than your resolution itself.

I can tell at least 2 reasons why your motive is far important than outcome.

First, our life is not ending in this world and there is a judgment after that.

If our current life is all that there is to live, then we don’t have to concern about why question.

If our presence in this world is by accident, then we can live whatever we want.

There would be no absolute value or expectation we have to be conscious of.

Then, I know there are people like Buddhist and Hindus who believe life is not ending in this world; they believe never ending cycle of life –reincarnation. But, they don’t believe in personal God. Nobody would be accountable for what he or she has done except that nature as such revolves around never ending life circle. Their goal is to be free from this never ending life circle- becoming nothing.

We as Christians believe that after this life we have a judgment. We are responsible for what we do.

But, after life and judgment are not our only concerns;

God has given us only one chance to live in this world for reason.

Our life here is very important.

It is not that God wants us to live a miserable life so that we may have more blessing after life as some might say it is.

That’s not the point. You know why Jesus came: He came so that we may have a life, a life in abundance.

He promised such abundant life to His own sheep who listen His voice.

When Jesus said, Seek ye the kingdom of God first and His righteousness, He also promised all these things will be added unto you.

You may think his commandments are burdensome. But, we have to know and believe, it actually for us and our happiness.

Why do I say that? Jesus as our King commanded to love our God and our neighbor, which is also summary of whole the Bible according to Jesus. When I say there are things which we can’t buy, I didn’t mean to say not only something beyond this life, but also things in this world.

Suppose you have all that the world can offer, but not meaningful relationship of true love and trust.

Would you believe that will bring happiness and joy to you?

On the other hand, many Christians have a relationship which they consider far more important than anything the whole world can offer.

How do you judge your success or failure in your life?

I can guarantee that if you follow Jesus and His advice then you will experience abundant life here in this world, not to say in afterlife. ,

Whatever may be your resolution, it has to reflect what God cares most – which is love. If you want to have better grade or better whatever, they should be to glorify God and love our brothers and sisters so that you may be happy and makes others happy.

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