Summary: I believe the only way our Nation can rise above its challenges is if the Church becomes great again!



Next month, during the month of October we will dedicate the entire month for a “membership drive.” I will preach for the month on the importance as Jesus urged us to “compel them to come.” Oftentimes we think all we must do is sit in the pews and the Church will grow. I will challenge us for the month of October to work on an individual or family all month long to share Christ with them and introduce or re-introduce them to FBC and all we have to offer for their Spiritual development.

• Select a Neighbor

• Select a friend on the Job

• Select someone that has retired

• Select a Family that needs the Lord

• Select a Former Member

• Select someone that has left the Local Church

• Work with them for the month of October and invite them to make FBC their Church home

We have heard the slogan -- "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" -- abbreviated to MAGA, was a campaign slogan used in American politics that was popularized by Donald Trump in his 2016 presidential campaign and subsequent election although losing the Popular Vote and given the White House by Electoral College, the Gatekeepers of our nation. President Ronald Reagan used the similar slogan "LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN" in his 1980 presidential campaign. "Let's Make America Great Again" was first used in President Ronald Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign, when the United States was suffering from a worsening economy at home marked by stagflation.

• Using the country’s economic distress as a springboard for his campaign, Reagan used the slogan to stir a sense of patriotism among the electorate

• As in other things Trump has done, he Stole and modified the Phrase that President Reagan originally used

• For the record I believe the Phrase used by Trump MAGA is a Racist Code and Calling

• For the record I believe our County is already Great

• We have some issues and dark areas

• But our country is Great and provides us the freedom to become whatever we desire

I believe the only way our Nation can rise above its challenges is if the church becomes great again! Someone said to me…WELL, REV, DON’T YOU THINK THE CHURCH IS GREAT? Our theme is not about what I think, it is about what we think coupled with what those outside the Church think.

• I believe when a Church has more empty Pews on Sunday than those occupied

• I believe when a Church has an Afternoon Worship and only 20 people show up

• I believe when a Church is struggling to keep Utilities on

• I believe when the community has no interest in visiting the local Churches

• I believe when Members are upset because the Preacher Preaches too long

• I believe when the District comes together and can’t fill the Church

• We need to Make Church Great Again!

The Bible records in PROVERBS 29:18 “WHERE THERE IS NO VISION, THE PEOPLE PERISH.” A dying Church is one in which there is no vision to - BE MORE – SEE MORE – DO MORE. For the Church to be Great Again, it cannot have the kind of members who are content with the way things are but be like those who desire the Church to BE ALL IT CAN BE – DO ALL IT CAN DO.

• Some are happy and satisfied to be a Good Church

• Others are hungry to be a Great Church


• Great Church members make great Churches

• If we have a great Church it depends on you and me who are the members of First Baptist Church

• The Church can be no Greater than its Members

When we talk about a great Church, we should ask ourselves what makes a church great? If we were to each write down on a sheet of paper our idea of what makes a Church great I am afraid that our common ideas of what makes a Church great are not what God says makes a Church great.

• Some think it is a healthy Financial Budget

• Some think it is an attractive Building and Church Campus that make the Church great

• Some think it is the Programs that a Church has that make it Great

• Some think it is Praise Teams, Gifted Musicians, Choirs that make the Church Great

It is none of those things that make a Church great. I believe we have the answer to this question found in our scripture text read this morning. Because of the misconception, I know that it will be increasingly difficult to compel those to come into the Church as we embark upon ‘MEMBERSHIP DRIVE’ for next month. It’s difficult to stand in defense of church when there are so many examples of DYSFUNCTIONAL CHURCHES AROUND US.

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