Summary: Dealing with conflict

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Text: Philippians 4:1-4

Title: Make It Right


· It would seem like there is a lot to be angry about lately.

· Over the past years we have seen many wars unfold.

· Wars that have taken a new flavor.

· We now watch from our telelvisions everynight how battles in the Middle East play themselves out.

· We watch as tanks drive up and down the streets in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and other parts of Israel.

· We watch as Prime Minister Sheron and Yaser Arafat seem to be in constant struggle.

· They walk what might seem like a political tightrope trying to get the other party to succumb to their plan for peace in the Middle East.

· Making each move trying to push the other into an agreement that will look favourable. Yet peace alludes.

· We watch a little longer and then we see locally how even in this past week as members of the Zig Zag crew, an organizations who does grunt work for the Hell’s Angel’s have been caught setting a police officers van on fire while it sat in her drivinway.

· They also went back sometime later trying to firebomb her house.

· And although unsuccessful, we begin to get the idea of the tension there is within gang relations.

· We can also watch as Allied forces bomb and try to force out Al-Quiada army who are taking refuge in caves in the mountains of Afghanistan.

· We maybe watched on television this week as we heard the news of American forces who lost their lives in the combat.

· It hardly makes sense doesn’t it?

· Support programs in place in Shilo

· It would seem like events like these dull our understanding of the tradegy of conflice.

· With Canadian troops involved in the fighting in Afghanistan, thestress for family at home increases.

· At CFB Shilo, the Military Family resource centre is providing help.

· Executive director Jennella McIntyre says they offer deployment support programs, counseling and special events that bring families of deployed soldiers together.

· McIntyre says they also offer an emergency childcare program.

· About 40 soldiers from Shilo are in Afghanistan.

· I watched as Canadian Military left from Winnipeg this week and saw the sadness in family and loved ones as they watched their husbands, wives, friends, children, parents go off to war.

· Conflict has a price – for some the price has cost them their lives, for others it has cost them security, for others it has tossed their lives upside down and instilled fear within them.

· Yet this morning there is a conflict that takes place that doesn’t often get in the evening news.

· A conflict that takes place between brothers and sisters int eh LORD.

· We need to realize that although all conflict is unique, we must not lose sight that conflict within the church and between brothers and sisters has its effects.

· There is a price to pay for any conflict, and this morning we want to see Paul’s formula for successful conflict resolution.

· For I believe if we handle conflict in an appropriate manner, we can come through the other side stronger.

· This morning in just a few verse, Paul has outlined how he wanted two friends to handle their conflict.

· This morning as we think about the conflict we face with fellow believers, we want to look at what Paul has to say so that we can resolve differences between fellow believers.

· This morning I want to look at four different principles in successfully handling conflict with a fellow believer

1st Word of Council: Have a Sure Footing (v1)

· I want to deal with first things first.

· As Paul says in verse one he talks of his love and pride in the Philippians.

· That beign said, he tells the Philippians to stand firm in the Lord.

· How important it is in all situations, regardless of what our situation may be, to stand firm in the Lord.

· To maintain a godly focus and perspective.

· I believe the most dangerous conflict that can take place in the church when two people or parties have little focus on God but rather themselves.

· If a person is not reading the Bible, praying, attending worship regularily, faithfully sharing their faith, then they can be a dangerous person to have a conflict with.

· This is the foundation that Paul begins with.

· It is a statement that should really precede every aspect of our lives

· But this is especially true I believe when we face issues of conflict.


· One day, a father took his son and one of his son’s friends on a fishing trip. They got to their camp sight, and everything was just perfect. The weather was warm but not hot, the lake was calm, and they had a level campsite. They raised their tent, cooked their dinner, and went to bed anticipating several days of great fishing. When they awoke the next morning, they discovered that a cold front had come through during the night. It was now in the low 40’s and a cold wind was blowing. They stayed in their tents most of the day and occupied themselves telling stories and playing silly games with one another to make the best of a bad situation.

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