Summary: It all comes down to GRACE, and this story demonstrates a firsthand example.

ATTENTION: Who’s your hero? Who do you want to be

like? Is it an athlete, a politician,

a movie star, or a comedian? Everybody in

some way wants to be like someone else.

Who we choose to be like plays a major

part in how we act.

NEED: The best person to want to be like is not always

the strongest or the best looking.

TEXTUAL IDEA: God used the relationship between David

and Mephibosheth to demonstrate the power

of His grace.

SERMON IDEA: We can see the power of God’s grace in

our lives today.

INTERROGATIVE: How does this story illustrate the

power of grace?

TRANSITION: When we become like Mephibosheth, we can

understand grace.


1. Realizing that I was sought out by the king.

2. Understanding what I deserved from the king.

3. Acknowledging the ones who brought me to the


4. Humbling myself in the sight of the king.

5. Rejoicing in the words of the king.

6. Accepting the provision of the king.

7. Adjusting my life to the requests of the king.

APPLICATION: Psalm 51:12. Most people are unaware of the power of grace. Many Christians have forgotten what grace is all about. May we never take for granted what God has done in bringing us “dead dogs” to the table of life.

CONCLUSION: John Newton:

- rebellious son

- runaway

- slave trader

- “My memory is nearly gone, but

I remember two things: that I

am a great sinner, and Christ

is a great Savior!”

- not common grace, or

exceptional grace, but AMAZING


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