Summary: This sermon gives the believer direction with making room for God in their lives


Zechariah 4:6

6 So he answered and said to me: "This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel: ’Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the Lord of hosts.

The Lord has said to me --- “make room for the Holy Spirit.”

 That’s all he said!

Q: I said what do you exactly mean by that?

Don’t stick to the things you want to do…“make room for the Holy Spirit.”

The way I interpret that is…

1. Take a moment step back recognize the Holy Spirit yield to Him …

2. make yourself available to Him

Then say “Holy Spirit”…

1. If you want to say something different than I was planning on saying…

2. If you want to do something other than I was planning on doing….

3. I’m going to make some room for you right now.

 That means I’m going have to change…that’s a good thing

 Something about change

If you have ever tried to help change someone especially if you’re in the ministry

Maybe you have seen people… that need to change - or - wanted to change

If you’ve ever tried to help them change them it can be very frustrating

If you’re married you ever want to change your husband are wife…

You know there are just some things that are just not going to change!

It’s really beyond our ability to change them


Then if you’ve ever seen people with problems and try to help them

 about the time you think that you have the situation diagnosed

 it slips into something else…

 and is really not a problem you thought it was

So if you’re really trying to help somebody

Many times you come to the collusion

that you really can’t help them

in the way that they need to be helped

• Without the power of God

• Without the working of the Holy Spirit

Sometimes you can see the problem - but - you can reach it

Your resources are limited… And you can’t seem to solve the problem


There is something about the Holy Spirit

1. where he can reach right into where the problem is

2. and change things on the inside

3. and do a work that you could never done

So…. there is tremendous value in making room for the Holy Spirit

T.T. 2 Kings 4

The Lord has said to me --- “make room for the Holy Spirit.”

Then I saw this Shunammite woman where she made room for the man of God

2 Kings 4:8-37

The story says Elisha went by her house regularly

She constrained him to come in

She recognized him as a man of God

She feed him

She asked her husband why don’t we just make room for him

Lets make a room for him

Because if we make room for him he might just turn in here

What she was saying was

Let’s facilitate him – make room for him

Facility and make room for the Holy Spirit that was in Elisha’s life

A double portion of the Holy Spirit

Sure enough when she made room for him he turned in their


One thing that I’ve learned is that the Holy Spirit is a genius

• If you listen to him he will make you look smart…

• If you ignore him you’re going to look stupid

Not only the genius with a gentleman

As a gentleman you going to have to recognize Him

– and – yeald to him


he won’t even interrupt you

You have to desire him – yeald to him – make room for him


So when she made room for him Elijah …

Elisha turned in there…and said

Because you’ve made room for me what is it that I can do for you?

1. In other words because you have made room for me

2. I’m gonna make room for you

Let me say that again

If you make room for the Holy Spirit He will make room for you

So when she made room for him

Elisha turned in there

Elisha said because you’ve taken such good care of me what is it that I can do for you?

We know that she could have a child

And Elisha said by this time next year you will have a child

In other words

When we make room for the Holy Spirit - He makes things that are impossible; possible

So…every time you make room for the Holy Spirit….

you become pregnant with something from heaven

that you could have never given birth to

He does something on the inside of you that looked impossible


Sure enough about a year later

We know this Shunammite woman had a child

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