Summary: Having Great Faith in A Great God

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Intro: in the banquet David Grant made one of the boldest statements about God that I have ever heard: he said, God is bigger than you can imagine, God has more than you can comprehend, God can do things greater than your greatest expectation, God isn’t limited in any way.

Many of us pray to small, believe for less than what God has for us. My prayer today is that we all begin to dream big dreams, have great visions, and prayer large prayers. Let’s use Jabez, and his prayer today, as a model for all our prayers.

Make A Large Request

I Chronicles 4:10

Ill) years ago a man went into the office of a well known C.E.O. of a major company. The man was requesting some help for missionary work. He asked the man for 10,000 dollars for the project. The C.E.O. had a disappointed look on his face. The man inquired why, he said, I was prepared to write a check for 100,000, I am disappointed you asked for something so small.

We serve a great God, and by faith we need to make large requests, because great and mighty is the Lord our God.

I. Bless Us Indeed---

a. bless us above all that we can ask or think—do greater things in our lives than we can imagine. Show us great and mighty things we knoweth not.

b. You are the God of all blessings, bless us in our going out, and coming in, bless us in our rising up and setting down.

God desires to bless our lives, but we must have faith in God to

Activate His power in our lives.

c. every good and perfect gift comes from above--- God is the

source of all blessings.

Nothing is impossible for God.

II. Enlarge Us—

a. give us greater opportunities than we have ever had before. Increase our influence, open up big doors that no one can shut.

b. Give us bigger dreams and visions for our future, may we never settle for less than your best.

c. Take us places we have never been before, give us greater faith, gives us greater power in our lives.

d. Make a way where there seems to be no way.

III. Keep Your Hand On Us—

a. give us a greater anointing, may the anointing of the Spirit of God be in our lives, in our homes, in this church.

b. May we know your presence in our lives, may we have the touch of the Lord on our lives.

c. Let us go in the power of the Lord, let signs and wonders follow those who believe.

d. Let us walk in victory, let us walk in your authority, let us walk in your power.

IV. Keep Us From Evil—

a. keep us from falling into the traps of sin. Keep us from deception and the lies of this world. Give us power over Satan and every evil work.

b. Gives us discernment, spiritual wisdom, eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

c. Raise up a standard of thy Spirit against every spirit in this world.

d. Let the anointing destroy every yoke of bondage.

Close: years ago I heard a story about a man who had a vision of heaven. In the vision the Lord took him around heaven. There were beautiful mansions, streets of gold, the angel choir, saints in white, and a bunch of warehouses. This seemed so odd that the man said, Lord what are the warehouses for? The lord said, these are blessings that haven’t been poured out yet, because people have failed to pray. Don’t miss your blessing, don’t stop one step short of your miracle.

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Roy Webb

commented on Nov 4, 2006

the message was very easy to understand,encourages one to reach out for greater things.

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