Summary: God’s people need to take great care not to become involved in the schemes of the ungodly. Ahab knew how to get Jeshosphat involved in his wickedness and did so. Jehosophat needed to hear this sermon and the principles established, as do our young peopl

You will be probably be shocked to discover that when Paul writes in II Corinthians 6:14 that the believer is not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers no mention is made of marriage in that entire chapter. That’s because Paul is speaking of MORE than marriage. Paul is speaking of ANY relationship that ties us together with unbelievers in a way that makes it difficult to remove ourselves from. This can speak of a business relationship, a close personal friendship, and of course it does include marriage. In other words, it speaks of BINDING relationships.

II Chronicles 18 provides some insight into being unequally yoked with an ungodly person. King Jehosophat, of Judah, enters into an alliance with King Ahab of Israel. Ahab was an ungodly king and was married to Jezebel, whose very name today implies wickedness. Together, Ahab and Jezebel had nearly eradicated all worship of Jehovah in Israel.

It isn’t long after the formation of this alliance that Ahab calls on Jehosophat to come and assist him in fighting against the armies of Ramoth Gilead. Jehosophat agrees and they prepare for battle.

Jehosophat, to this point, has been a godly king and he asks an interesting question. “Is there a prophet of Jehovah that we can inquire of?” In other words he was seeking God’s blessing and direction.

Ahab hems and haws a bit and then finally admits that there is one prophet of Jehovah, but Ahab declares, “I hate him, though… he NEVER says anything good about me!”

Relationship Principle # 1: Pay attention to what godly people say about the people you are tying your lives to.

The reason Micaiah never had anything good to say about Ahab was because Ahab was living a life that was filled with sin and idolatry. Your spiritual leaders and Christian friends should warn you about people who have filled their lives with sin. A mature believer will heed their warnings.

When Jehosophat and Ahab head out to battle, Ahab gladly offers the command position to Jehosophat. He encourages Jehosophat to wear his royal robes, to be surrounded by the banners and trappings of office. Jehosophat must have felt proud that Ahab trusted him to lead the army into battle. That is until he realized that Ahab had painted a royal bullseye on Jehosophat! The enemy army came straight for Jehosophat and he was forced to run for his life. Meanwhile, in an ironic twist, Ahab, dressed like a common soldier, is mortally wounded and bleeds to death in his chariot.

Relationship Principle # 2: Ungodly people will use you and then let you suffer because they are self-centered.

Beware of the self-contered individual.. because you can rest assured that they plan to take care of themselves.

Finally, Jehosophat manages to return to his home territory (See II Chronicles 19) and he is met by the prophet Jehu, who declares, “"Should you help the wicked and love [a] those who hate the LORD ? Because of this, the wrath of the LORD is upon you. 3 There is, however, some good in you, for you have rid the land of the Asherah poles and have set your heart on seeking God."

Relationship Principle # 3: God’s wrath comes upon his children when they enter into ungodly relationships.

How can we expect to avoid God’s judgment if we bind our lives to people who are continually violating his laws and his commands? How can God judge your ungodly business partner without affecting your share of the business venture? How can God judge your ungodly spouse and not have it affect you?

Suppose a neighbor’s ungodly brat comes over to play with your child. Together,. they get into some serious mischief-- You discover it.. Doesn’t your responsibility to discipline begin with YOUR child—not with the neighbor’s child.

Judgment rightfully begins at the house of God. God always starts with his children first!

For thought:

Have you ignored wise spiritual counsel and entered into some binding relationship that is displeasing to God?

Are others using you for their own selfish purposes and you allow it to go on?

Is God angry with you based on your relationship with an ungodly person?

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