Summary: The choices we make can alter our life forever and set us on a course that may last a life time. Don’t misunderstand me! There are some small decisions that are very serious - usually the hasty decisions we make.

Dr. Dennis Deese


(The Leader’s Decision Making)

1 SAMUEL 26:1-25

After hearing the subtitle, most would equate this message as a message that applies to the leader’s choices on a corporate or group level. That is, the choices that are made that effect the group that he or she, as a leader, is leading.

We are bombarded almost daily with decisions (ice cream shops, t.v. channels, grocery stores, etc.). But most of the choices we are faced with in life are incidental. But the thought of this message is for the more serious decisions we face in life. Choices that may make a significant difference in our lives and those affected by the choices we make. The choices we make can alter our life forever and set us on a course that may last a life time. Don’t misunderstand me! There are some small decisions that are very serious - usually the hasty decisions we make.

We need to understand that we can’t effectively lead a group if we can’t lead ourselves effectively. So while the principles in this message apply to decision making on a group or corporate level, its main application or starting place is on an individual or personal level.

If we can start by applying the principles David used here, then we can be effective decision makers in every arena of life. David was put on the spot to make a decision (26:8 “let me smite him”). I believe most people would rather not make a serious decision at all.

Ronald Reagan learned that it’s better to make a decision than to let others make it for you. When he was a kid, his aunt took him to a shoe store and had the shoemaker to make him some custom-made shoes. He was asked if he wanted square toed or round toed shoes. He couldn’t make up his mind and when he went to pick them up one was round toed and one was square toed. It was a lesson the shoemaker was teaching him about making his own decisions.

Many say that abortion is a choice and their right. The problem is that it’s a wrong choice. They’re not applying Biblical principles.

We must learn to keep our guard up. Leadership is filled with up’s and down’s and most of the down’s we experience are due to the poor choices we make. David is on an up swing in this chapter because he makes a right choice.

So what’s the difference in this chapter and the previous chapter? Abigail appealed to his thought life. Was he making the right choice in deciding to kill Nabal? Most of the time, we are not so blessed as to have somebody intervene with a genuine concern for our well-being. We are on our own! If you doubt that, make a wrong decision and consider how many people will stand by your side then.

How can we make right choices as a habit of Life?

It is achieved by being loyal to two decision making priorities:

I. GODLY CHARACTER 26:9, 18 “and be guiltless” “Or what evil is in mine hand?”

Will this enhance or diminish my Christian Testimony? Let me give you some word thoughts to hang your decisions on:

A. Control 26:4-6 The Holy Spirit dwelling in our bodies. He thought through his actions.

B. Consequences 26:9 “and be guiltless”

1. Conviction

2. Chastisement Hebrews 12:6ff

3. Culmination (some of the seeds of bad decisions continue and escalate to tragic results)

C. Change 2 Cor. 5:17 (salvation working in us)

D. Critics 26:1 (the Ziphites)

E. Counsel 25:32-33

“Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 22:11-14)

II. GOD CONSCIOUSNESS 26:10 “As the Lord liveth”

Three marks of a God conscious Christian:

A. Pleasing God (love & commitment) 26:11, “The Lord forbid ...against the Lord’s”

B. Trusting God (Faith & prayer) 26:10-12, 24 “the Lord shall smite him”

C. Obeying God (Lordship & The Bible) 26:19 “If the Lord have stirred thee up”

Conclusion: The invitation is a choice. What will you base your response on as God speaks to your heart a prompts you to a decision?

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