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Summary: This message looks at the character of Abigal as she dealt with David and saved her home. Such character on behalf of a no good husband would certainly be stronger toward her future son with David

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The Makings of a Mom

I Samuel 25

5-13-07 a.m. Mother’s Day (PDBC)

Here’s a passage that deals with a woman but doesn’t really address here mothering ways. But as I read this passage I began to admire this woman. I thought if she displayed this type of devotion to a no good rotten drunk (and you’ll understand that in just a moment) then what a mother she must have been.

Her name is Abigail. Abigail was married to…well…a no good rotten drunk. Look at the first 3 versus of Chapter 25.

This was during a time when Saul was trying to kill David and David and his men were hiding where Nabal kept his goats and sheep. When David’s men asked for some food Nabal ridiculed them and denied the request. That made David mad, worried Nabal’s servants and so steps in Abigail and saves the day.

What Abigail Did For The No Good Rotten Husband She Will Certainly Do For Her Child. You see the mother in a woman tends to be consistent in all areas of her life. Let me share with some things Abigail did for her husband that I believe indicate the kind of mother she would have been.

She Was Protective

Abigail protected her husband and he didn’t even know it. Mom’s don’t nod gesture or nudge you husband but have you ever been embarrassed by something you husband has done? Has there ever been a time when you were concerned that he may have done something or said something that could have possibly offended someone so without him knowing you just reached out to that person to in a mending way?

She basically prepared a peace offering and went to meet David in the hopes she would prevent her husbands death. Now don’t get me wrong Abigail did not condone her husband’s actions we’ll see that in just a moment. But if Abigail was Protective of a No Good Rotten Husband How Much More Protective Would She Be of Her Children.

Good Mothers Do All They Can To Protect and Heal. They put on band-aids and kiss boo boo’s. They will attempt to head off danger whenever they can. They give their newborns soft rounded toys. They put safety locks on cabinets, place gates at the stairs ways, monitor TV and video games as well as computer usage.

But now listen…one of the best ways of protecting children is making sure they are introduced and involved in church. I know you’ve heard the passage time and time again. 6 Teach a youth about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. Psalm 22:6

My mother never missed a beat. There was a time when my dad resigned from the pastorate when we lived in Illinois that he took to the road performing gospel concerts. It would have been easier for mom not to have to get the four of kids dressed and off to church but she didn’t miss a Sunday. Now she didn’t always cook lunch but we won’t knock her for that. It’s funny because I called mom this week and we were talking about that and she remembered a skit the kids did where my brother Kevin played the Devil which, given his conduct and lifestyle during that time, might have been considered type casting. But that just proves the point. With all the trouble that my brother Kevin was into in life he came back to the things of faith. Moms the most protective thing you’ve done or can do is bring your kids and grandkids up in the way of the Lord.

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