Summary: Proverbs 18: 22 He who finds a wife finds a good thing’ and receives favor from the Lord. Paul taught that husbands and wives were to specialize; to actually specialize in one specific world for a specific way of live but I doubt if that exist nowadays.

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How dating prepares more for divorce than for marriage.

The American practice of viewing dating as a social activity where a person dates one person for a period of time and then breaks the relationship and dates someone else, tends to prepare people more for divorce and remarriage than for a lifelong marriage relationship. A couple that is dating gives their hearts to each other and then they break off the relationship and give their heart to someone else. When problems come in marriage, the tendency is to want to break off the relationship and find someone else because that is how they learned to handle things in their dating years.

A much better model than dating is to get to know persons of the opposite sex in group settings, and then for a guy to only approach a girl to court her if he and his parents think that God would have him to do so in preparation towards engagement and marriage.

How having a personal secretary can lead to divorce and remarriage

There is a tragedy that is happening today where men are leaving their wife to live with their secretary or a woman that they work closely with at work. This is even happening with pastors and outstanding Christian leaders. In a work situation, a personal secretary does what God intended for a wife to do, be a help meet for the man (Gen. 2:20). He provides leadership, she supports him in his leadership. She serves him without talking back, arguing, or complaining. She is diligent in carrying out his wishes. If she does not, she will lose her job. Each day both the man and woman arrive dressed up usually better than they would have when they were dating their spouse. They treat each other with kindness and courtesy, probably better than they treat their spouse. There is potential for more interaction in the work place than with their spouse at home. Little by little, a man and his secretary's hearts are drawn toward each other romantically.

There is something wrong with a woman giving that much personal attention to another woman's husband. God designed the wife to be the help meet for her husband, not another woman. A man having a personal secretary is not patterned after God's way or direction in the Bible. It is patterned after the world just like dating is. Both have their tragic pitfalls. God's design is for a man to have a younger man as his assistant, and to train the younger man to be a leader like himself.

For years, we have heard that God's ideal is for a wife and mother to be in the home and not in the work place. God has been impressing upon me that we need to go one step further. It is God's ideal for both the husband and wife to be at home and not out in the work place. God states this in I Thes. 4:11,12 Contd.

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