Summary: Final advice for Timothy by Paul. (Powerpoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request – email:

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(1). Flee (vs 11a).

(2). Follow (vs 11b):

(3). Fight (vs 12-16)

(4). Faithfulness (vs 20-21).



• In September 194 the Sunday Mail newspaper reported that;

• George and Tina Rollason, of York, Pennsylvania;

• Have steered clear of Biblical names in naming their new baby daughter.

• In fact they have gone to the other extreme and called their baby girl:

• ‘Atheist Evolution’.

• In verse 11 the apostle Paul gives Timothy a new name – ‘Man of God’

• Technically it is a title, a description of his character.

• Now Paul wasn’t suggesting he drop his first name Timothy;

• And from now on use ‘man of God’ as his regular tag,

• Rather he is saying that Timothy should live up to being a man associated with God.


• Verse 11 starts with the words, “But you”;

• There is to be a marked contrast between Timothy & the false teachers mentioned earlier

• They are men and women who follow the ways and attitudes of the world;

• But you Timothy are to follow the ways and attitude of God!


• Man of God’ is quite a title;

• And was used in connection with some Old Testament greats.

• Moses – Deuteronomy chapter 33 verse 1.

• Elijah – 1 Kings chapter 17 verse 18.

• David – Nehemiah chapter 12 verse 24.

• So Timothy was in very good company!

In tonight’s section of First Timothy:

• The apostle Paul gives Timothy four instructions;

• To help him maintain success in his ministry;

• And to help him keep his testimony as a ‘man of God’.

(1). FLEE (VS 11A).

“But you, man of God, flee from all this…”

• Sometimes running away is an act of cowardice;

• ill: Nehemiah asked the question; “Should a man flee?”

• In Nehemiah chapter 6 verse 11 – in the context of fleeing and cowardice.

• ill: I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say:

• That the frightened disciples ran away at the cross - Matthew chapter 26 verse 31.

• Again the context of fleeing would be fear & failure.

• Yet other times running away is a sign of wisdom.

• ill: Joseph ran away when tempted by Potiphar's wife (Genesis chapter 39 verse 12).

• ill: David fled when king Saul tried to kill him (1 Samuel chapter 19 verse 10).

• When in danger it may often be best to just simply ‘flee’ to ‘run’.

Note: The Greek word translated into English as ‘flee’ does not mean literal ‘running’:

• It refers to ‘separation’.

• Paul is telling Timothy to:

• Separate himself from the attitude that godliness is a means to getting rich.

• As mentioned in verse 5b

• Separate himself from the drive for wealth.

• As mentioned in verses 9-10.

• Separate himself from the teaching, lifestyle and attitude of false teachers;

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