Summary: Pharoh a man of rebellion

Pharaoh: Man In Rebellion

Exodus 5:1-15

I. Introduction

A. Exodus: What a Book!

1. A book about God’s mercy: making slaves free

2. A book about God’s man: Moses the deliverer

3. A book about God’s might: miracles of deliverance

B. Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

1. The people have accepted Moses

2. He and Aaron go from Goshen to Memphis to meet Pharaoh

3. Consider the faith this meeting required

C. Let My People Go (v. 1)

II. Body

A. Pharaoh Rebels against the Plan of God (v. 2)

1. "Who is the LORD that I should obey his voice?"

2. God had spoken and revealed His plan

a. His plan then was to free Israel from slavery

b. His plan now is to free us from sin

3. Pharaoh’s rebellion was like man’s through the centuries

a. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden

b. Israel’s rebellion in the wilderness

c. The rejection of Christ by sinners

4. God has a plan for each of us

a. His plan includes our salvation (Acts 16:31)

b. His plan includes obedience to His Word (1 Sam. 15:22)

c. His plan includes His will for our lives (Co!. 1:9)

5. Don’t rebel against God’s plan

B. Pharaoh Rebels against the Person of God (v. 2)

1. "I know not the Lord"

2. Pharaoh states the condition of his soul

3. How sad to not know God

a. To know agriculture but not the One who formed the earth

b. To know astronomy but not the One who made the stars

c. To know music but not the One who gives a song.

d. To know art but not the One who created beauty

e. To know politics but not the King of Kings

4. We can know the Lord by faith in Christ

5. Do you know Him

C. Pharaoh Rebels against the People of God (v. 2-15)

1. "Neither will I let Israel go"

2. Pharaoh angry when Israel’s burdens are lightened (vv.4-5)

3. Israel’s burdens increase again

a. Straw to be withheld (vv. 7-13)

b. More work to be demanded (vv. 9-14)

4. Those who love God must also love His people

III. Conclusion

A. Rebellion Always Brings Regret

B. Submission to God and His Will Bring Satisfaction and Joy

C. Let God Have His Way in Your Life

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