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Who will be king?

Reading: 1 Samuel chapter 16 verses 1-13:


• Garage photos.

• They look great but they are of course without substance.

King Saul’s greatest concern was his looks/image:

• How he looked before the people was all important.

• He was chosen as king because of his looks.

• He is described as being ‘head & shoulders’ above everyone else.

• He was outwardly very impressive, but inwardly extremely hollow.


Rolls Royce body with a Reliant Robin engine.

Saul was elected King:

• But he is no longer qualified.

• God has rejected him.

• Israel is surrounded by her enemies.

• They desperately need someone to carry the sceptre… but who?

• Samuel the prophet did not know; none of the people knew.

• No one knew…………..except God.

(1). Man panics…………God provides (vs 1)

“The LORD said to Samuel, "How long will you mourn for Saul, since I have rejected him as king over Israel? Fill your horn with oil and be on your way; I am sending you to Jesse of Bethlehem. I have chosen one of his sons to be king."


• The term Dad’s Army was given to the British Home Guard during World War II,

• It was predominately made up of men who didn’t qualify for active service.

• The BBC produced a programme called ‘Dad’s Army’,

• It ran for nine years and they produced around 80 episodes.

• The characters & their expressions became household names:

• e.g. Capt. Mainwaring- ’Right then. Pay attention, men’,

• e.g. Private Fraser-’We’re doomed, I say. Doomed’.

• e.g. and of course Corporal Jones-’Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring, don’t panic’

When things do not work out as we expect it is easy to panic:

• Samuel the prophet of God may have been panicking!

• But God was not!

• He knew exactly what he was doing and who the next king would be.

• Saul, the first king of Israel had been chosen by the people – and had been rejected.

• Now a new king would be chosen – and this time chosen by God himself.


• In verse 2 Samuel is panic-stricken again;

• “What if Saul hears?” he knows for him that spells disaster!

• From a human viewpoint Samuel was plain scared

• He knew if Saul got wind of his plans it was ‘goodnight’ Samuel.

• Samuel the prophet is not looking to or trusting God;

• His eyes are firmly fixed on his potential situation.

• Notice: God doesn’t even answer Samuel’s remark about Saul.

• He simply says get your eyes fixed on me!

• Samuel, you don’t have to be smart, just obedient.

• You don’t have to be clever, all you need do is obey.

• Saul may send shivers down your back, but he doesn’t frighten me!

• God asks Samuel to trust him.

Quote: Tom Marshall

• “If we want the Word of God to have authority in our life, there is only one way - obey it.

• If we want the Holy Spirit to have authority in our life, there is only one way - Obey Him.

• If we always obey impulses of fear or doubt or resentment,

• What will have authority over our minds? Fear, and doubt and resentment”.

Verse 4:

• “So Samuel did what the Lord said”.

• Brilliant Samuel, now you are talking!

• At last he had trusted and he obeyed!


Henrietta Mears used to tell her students:

• "A bird is free in the air. Place a bird in the water and he has lost his liberty.

• A fish is free in the water, but leave him on the sand and he perishes.

• He is out of his realm.

• So, the Christian is free when he does the will of God and is obedient to God’s command.

• This is as natural a realm for God’s child;

• As the water is for the fish, or the air for the bird."

Verse 4:

• “So Samuel did what the Lord said”.

• Brilliant Samuel,

• As we will see in a few minutes time; Samuel discovered once again;

• That trusting God is always best!

• Both for us & other people!

(2). Man chooses…………God corrects (vs 4-8)


• The man in the antique shop who was cleaning an old lamp;

• When suddenly a Genie appeared.

• The Genie said; "I will grant you one of three choices ;

• infinite wisdom, infinite wealth or infinite health."

• The man looked at his wife, then looked at the Genie and replied "Wisdom."

• "So be it." and the Genie disappeared.

• In the silence that followed, the man sat thoughtfully, saying nothing,

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