Summary: The manna which fell from heaven teaches us much about the workings of our Father Who is in heaven!

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Manna: The Heavenly Bread

(Exodus 16:1-36, John 6:32-35, 58)

1. GREEN BAY, Wis. - Brown County Sheriff Dennis Kocken didn’t have to write himself a ticket. But he says it was the right thing to do.

"As sheriff, I’m held to the highest standard in law enforcement. How can I hold officers accountable if I don’t hold myself accountable?" he said. "I’m satisfied I’m doing the right thing."

Kocken issued himself a ticket March 27 for an unsafe lane change, three weeks after he had rear-ended a suspected speeder after that driver slowed to turn. Neither the deputy who completed the accident report nor the Brown County district attorney’s office felt that Kocken deserved a citation.

"But it kept bothering me," said Kocken. "Finally I decided to write myself a ticket. I felt it was the right thing to do."

The ticket carries a $160.80 fine that Kocken said he fully intends to pay.

The 52-year-old sheriff told investigators he was trailing a vehicle to determine its speed when he had to swerve to avoid a snowblower wheel in his lane. He moved into the other driver’s lane and hit the car when the driver slowed.

2. I always love to see people in authority submit to the rules like everyone else.

3. Moses was such a man: he led the children out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, but He never puts himself above others…

4. Today we resume our series, The Desert of Discipline. So let’s review where we are.

Structure of "The Wilderness Journey" (Exodus 13:17-19:2)

a. introduction: departure from Egypt (13:17-22)

b. victory over the Egyptians a the Suph Sea (14:1-15:21)

• Moses lifts hand

• ends: two memorial songs

c. Yahweh provides the Israelites with water at Marah (15:22-27)

? d. CENTER: Yahweh provides manna and quail (16:1-36)

c’. Yahweh provides the Israelites with water at Rephidim (17:1-17)

b’. victory over the Amalekites (by the water) at Rephidim (17:8-16)

• Moses lifts his hands

• ends: two memorials

a. conclusion: arrival at Sinai (18:1-19:2)

Main Idea: The manna which fell from heaven teaches us much about the workings of our Father Who is in heaven!

Four spiritual lessons surface when we contemplate this text.

I. God PROVIDES for His Children (1-18, 31)


They were hungry but not to the point of starvation; they had flocks and herds, but wanted to save them for multiplication and milk. Throughout their wanderings, they probably would occasionally eat beef or lamb…


C. God’s Provisions Despite their ATTITUDE

1. Quail

2. Manna (man -- an exclamation surprise and na, a gift)

3. Described in vs. 31

Numbers 11:7-8 "The manna was like coriander seed and looked like resin. The people went around gathering it, and then ground it in a handmill or crushed it in a mortar. They cooked it in a pot or made it into cakes. And it tasted like something made with olive oil.

James Hoffmeier writes: "Attempts have been made to explain manna as a natural substance, but these explanations fit only certain times of the year and apply to restricted areas. The provision of manna occurs throughout the forty-year period in the wilderness."

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