Summary: We are to worship not fear Christ

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Many Are Afraid and what we see in Herod’s Fear

Jesus is to be “feared” and esteemed, but we should never be afraid of Him or the change He wants to bring in our lives and to our world.

Fear could be given as F-False, E-Evidence, A-Appearing, R-Real.

Matthew 2:1-18

What are you afraid of? Who is it that you are afraid of? Many of us are afraid of our past. We fear that some of our past will be made known publicly. Who wants to know that I was thumb sucker or that I did not like Broccoli or that I stole a pencil when I was in high school? I also was convicted years later as I was in prayer that I needed to return to the place I had stolen that pencil and pay for it. I had to travel many miles to do that and I was not thanked for being honest. My conscious was clear.

How many of us struggle with circumstances and events in the unknown future? Many are trapped by these on a daily basis. We some times play a game “What would happen if?” I lost my job; my health went bad, I lost some one I loved or if my church closed.

How many of listen to the news and find there apparently that there is much more to fear than to feel safe about in our world these days.

Is there any one you have met who is afraid of Jesus? Do you think it is because they never understood who He is or why He came to this earth to begin with? Some might believe that if Jesus gets close to them or if they get close to Jesus, their entire life will be wrecked. One of the reasons I believe that this is because we are not always the best witnesses for the good Jesus does in a person’s life. Some are confused about the change and joy Jesus brings into a person’s life. Herod was afraid of Jesus because he knew a new king was around and He was THE KING. Just think with me that if Herod Instead of plotting to kill the Christ Child, He would have asked a few questions about who Jesus is and why he was born.

1. he could have asked about the background into which Jesus was Born.

Herod, the king of the Jews was in Jerusalem in Judea and was in the seat of government.

He had some Kings from the east who come to worship the “newborn King.” Herod thought he was already the king. While many Herods are mentioned in the Bible, this was Herod the Great, named king over all four political districts of Palestine by the Roman Senate. He ruled from 37 to 4 B.C. Jesus did not start His ministry until he was 30 and this Herod would have died before that time. In The history of the Herod family we find it is filled with lies, murder, deceit and adultery. Herod the Great was a cruel, evil man who murdered many in his own family. We also know he also managed the repair of the temple, making it much larger and more beautiful, as well as overseeing many other building projects in Jerusalem. This made him extremely popular with the Jews. After Herod’s death, the districts were divided among three separate rulers. We later read about Herod the Great’s son, Herod Antipas, was the one who killed John the Baptist (Mark 6:26-28) and badgered Jesus (Luke 23:6-12).

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