Summary: Everyone is courious about the future. What it holds even where will one be when eternity comes knocking at their door. We all have one of two choices. Hopefully yours is Heaven. Let’s see why!


We all are a little bit curious about what the future holds. Even if we have a slight hint we still have an inquisitiveness about it.

One Hardware store had a sign in their window that read, "We have been in business for over 75 years. In that time we have been pleasing & displeasing to our customers. We have made money and lost money. Suffered the effects of goverment control and bad bill payers. We have been held up, robbed, lied to and even cussed at. The only reason we remain open is to see what might happen next!"

My next thought then is this, ever wonder about Heaven? Sure you do. We all do. The Bible is filled with information about our next Home. Let’s examine it together!

Main Division

I. The Certainty You Can Count On (Jn 14:1)

II. The Community Where You Will Live (Jn 14:2-3)

III. The Call Extended To Everyone (Jn 14:4-6)

Conclusion: Make the right choice today!

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