Summary: A Father’s day message inspired by David Murrow’s book, "Map to Manhood." This calls our men to authentic, Biblical manhood.

Map to Manhood

John 8:30-32

* Today we celebrate “Father’s Day.” It is a day we set aside to do what the Bible commands us to do every day, that is, “Honor our Father.” When God gave this command to Moses, in Exodus 20, He tied with it an unusual add-on of a promise. Ex 20:12 “Honor your father and your mother so that you may have a long life in the land that the LORD your God is giving you.” The Psalmist tells us this is the first commandment with a promise. The promise is a long life and a home that God gives.

* Today I offer a much needed word to our men (Fathers, Grandfathers, Great-Grand-fathers, Step Father, Father’s-in-law, and even Fathers to be). Here is my question: What does it mean to be a man? I’m talking about a male person whom God calls a man? What is your idea of this?

* Turn with me and let’s read John 8:30-32 (READ) 30 As He was saying these things, many believed in Him. 31 So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed Him, "If you continue in My word, you really are My disciples. 32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

* As I have prayed about today, I have sensed one of the gifts I can give to our men on this Father’s day is a Map to Manhood. Almost 2 dozen of our men spent 6 months in study 2 years ago discovering what it means to be a Biblically authentic man. Our text tells us, one and all, that if we are true disciples then we will be consistently in His word which will result in a clear understanding of Biblical truth and that truth will set us free. Today, let’s spend our time in His word and consider some thought about manhood.

1. The Misunderstanding about Manhood – In Men’s Fraternity, Robert Lewis tells us that ‘Men are confused.’ Some may ask, “About what?” And the answer would be ‘about what constitutes a REAL MAN.” There are three types of men whom the world seems to think is “right on.”

a. Dictating – This is the man who is taught that to BE A MAN, you have to be the toughest kid on the block and everything centers on what YOU want, what YOU unilaterally decide and what you need. There is no debate or discussion, the man is the boss and the hoss and if you mess with his little his little kingdom, you’ll be lost! (If you know what I mean).

b. Doormat – This is the absolute opposite. Men today have been so often told to “get in touch” with their feminine side that their masculinity is not to be found. They have literally become emasculated. This man has difficulty making a decision because it is going to make someone mad or be overturned (you get what I saying??) This man, while some may say he is the sweetest and even the best Christian, in truth as we will see, he does not resemble the Christ of the Cross in any sense.

c. Deviant – This is a frightening word which carries many implications but we better deal with it because it has permeated our society. Today many young ladies are choosing men who are ‘bad.’ In fact, many give the purer and better part of themselves to a bad man “just to have fun” only to seek out a ‘Christian’ man to offer them stability for life (& they have less than their best to give). Here’s the issue as we’ll see; one of the strong motivators for males is the winning of a woman’s heart. Because we are all fallen creatures and see life through humanistic eyes, by default, men are being told that the worse they are, the more of a man they become. This has man molded himself to the expectation of the world. I call it deviant because it is so foreign to God’s design of a man.

2. The Mystery of Manhood – When God made Adam, he designed a being with characteristics and attributes that, when used, would resemble God. After the fall of man, things got a little distorted and corrupt for mankind resulting in a debate about what a man really is. (Review Genesis to see)

a. The Heart of a Man – What is it that ignites the heart of a man? In his book “Wild at Heart”, John Eldridge says every man has a ‘battle to fight’, ‘an adventure to live’, and a ‘beauty to win.’ It we examine the behavior of the average boy from preschool thru pre-teen thru adolescence; we’ll discover all of these being played out. Two years ago almost 2 dozen of our men went through Robert Lewis’ “Men’s Fraternity.” Bob teaches that every man has; ‘a work to do’, ‘a will to obey’, and a ‘woman to love and care for.’ For my two-cent’s worth, these two descriptions go hand in hand. Additionally, in Men’s Fraternity we learned a ‘definition’ (that is, a ‘handle’) for a real man. A real man accepts responsibility, rejects passivity, leads courageously, and expects a greater reward, God’s reward. This parallels God’s charge to Adam to work and watch over the garden and to have dominion over the animals and the earth.

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