Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

Mark 5:1-20 "Delivered to Serve"

Illustrate: "You Can't get out of here!"- man cutting through cemetary at night- falls in open grave- struggles to get out, but then gives up & sits down to wait for morning. 2nd man falls in- struggles to get out - 1st man in the corner in darkness isn't seen. He then taps 2nd man on the shoulder and says "YOU CAN'T GET OUT OF HERE!" –BUT HE DID!!

Today we look at a very different story of a different graveyard and I believe it is one thtat God wants us to look at and learn from this morning – let's look at this incredible encounter with Jesus in a message I've titled "Delivered to Serve"

• What an incredible account of the awesome power and personality of the Lord Jesus, but also His purpose and passion as well... let's put ourselves in the boat with Jesus and see the scene as it unfolds before us.

• In Greek: 'Geraseήoή', speaking of the people of the town of "Ktrersa" or "Gerasa" in the district of "Gadara"

• Probably dark when the disciples and Jesus arrive on the other side of the sea of Galilee. I'm sure reeling emotionally and spiritually from the frightening storm and incredible miracle- they find themselves in an area where there is a hillside with tombs, probably caves where the lost people would bury their dead. This man "lived" there- in original language there is the prefix 'kata' used whose root is "down" permanent – i.e. settled down.'!!

• Outcast from society

• Bound with chains-supernatural strength

• Frightening! "night & day" – "always" –was continually & hhorrifically tormented by demons!

• Don't open the door I your life!

• Sees Jesus- rushes down, falls to ground and "cried out" –"Krazȏ' = "shrieds, screaming loaudly" – He has been repeatedly cutting himself and would have been covered with scars! (once again-product of sins control!)

• Jesus is addressing the demons directly from the start.. (v. 8) "saying" 'present (imperfect) –repeated . kept asking the Demon's name – "Legion"-for we are many- Legin=6,826 soldiers

• Spokes demon- begs the Lord: 'parkaleo'-pleaded to go to the pigs.' – what a picture

• Rushed = hormao

Towns people hear-find man sitting with Jesus clothed and calm- were amazed -but thought with their pocket books and begged Jesus to leave! – WHAT A TRAGEDY! –The World

Brings us to the bulk of the message

I. A Plea Rejected (v. 18)

a. Sometimes our plans NOT His plans!! Give our lives.

II. A Purpose Relayed (v. 19)

a. Go & Tell- make it known- 1st missionary to the Gentiles!!

III. A Pupil Revealed (v. 20)

a. Decapolis (after Syria conquered Rome & rebuilt 10 cities ("Deka" =10, "polis"=city) Jesus said "friends" – but this man went beyond!

b. Initiative is always evident in a pupil of the loved (a disciple)!!

IV. A Passion Recorded (v. 20 & Mark 7:31-8:1)

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