Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

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Mark 5:21-34 "Reach Out & Touch Him"

Background-describe the scene

• Only time I can almost think that Jesus "could" have been caught off guard! I know probably not the case, He is God, but it almost seems an interruption- on way to Jairus' house to heal his daughter

• Through Him='sunthibo'=to pressure all sides

• Luke uses-'sumpnigo'=to press around as to almost suffocate!

• Keep this in mind!

I. "A Woman's Desperation" (v. 25,26)

a. Suffered='pacho'=to suffer pain (i.e. physical)

b. "Order"='hupo' underneath (i.e. "at the hands of many doctors"

c. So: "she, with an unstoppable flow of blood for 12 years, had endured much painful suffering under the hands of many doctors, spent everything she had, and had not gotten even a little better- even worse!

II. A Woman's Determination (v.27-29)

a. She had hehard

b. She was "Ceremonially, unclean"- levitical law! But she was desperate-this was on her part intentional- "Just His Hem"

i. Faith! Do you have it?

III. The Lord's Discernment (v. 30)

a. "Touched me!"- Remember the scene-people pressing in? Disciples incredulous-"everybody is touching you!"

b. Jesus discerned the power- 'dunamis' (dynamite) had left Him-so how exhausting was it for Jesus as He healed again and again

c. The Humanity of Christ-just a thought!

IV. A Daughter's Delight

a. "daughter"-as far as I can find, only time Jesus ever refered to a woman in the first person as "daughter.'

b. She was fearful: as an outcast? Trouble? Or afraid He would take it away?

• Have you reached out?

• Have you touched His hem?

• Come today!

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