Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Several imporant steps in Jesus' plan to reveal himself and to equip his disciples took place in this action packed portion of scripture.


Several Important Matters

In Chapter 5, we saw the practical ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ on display non-stop. The character of chapter 6 is more diverse and perhaps more sobering. There are high points and also points to quietly ponder. Let’s launch into it now.

I. Jesus Without Honor back home(1-6)

A. Jesus did what he did most places, but he was in his own hometown. (verse 1)

1. He took the disciples with him.

2. He read and taught in the Synagogue on the Sabbath.

B. The people reacted.

1. They were amazed by teaching and miracles. (verse 2)

2. They rejected him because they knew his family. (verse 3)

C. Jesus responded, stating that only back home is a prophet without honor. (verse 5)

D. Jesus was limited by the unbelief of the community. (verse 6)

1. He could only do a few healings.

2. He marveled at their unbelief.

II. Sending out the 12 (6b-15)

A. Jesus went out again from town to town.

B. Jesus called the 12 together and sent them out to minister.

1. He equipped them with spiritual authority. (verse 7)

2. He instructed them to go empty handed. (verses 8-9)

3. Stay in one home in each town. (verse 10)

4. Don’t waste any more time if a town rejects your message. (verse 11)

C. The disciples went out and ministered like Jesus!

1. They preached repentance. (verse 12)

2. They drove out many demons. (verse 13)

3. They healed the sick. (verse 13)

D. This became well known and the public talked.

1. Some said John the Baptist had been raised to life. (verse 14)

2. Some said it was the return of Elijah the prophet. (verse 15)

3. Some said Jesus was a new prophet like those of long ago. (verse 15)

III. The Martyrdom of John the Baptizer (verses 16-29)

A. Background information regarding Herod and Herodias (verses 16-20)

B. Herod being set up by the evil and clever Herodias (21-24)

1. Herodias’ daughter was already manipulative. (21-22)

2. Herod spoke rashly and foolishly. (22b-23)

3. Herodias took her cues from her evil mother. (24)

C. Herod carried out the evil request, trapped by his own words. (25-28)

1. Herod was internally conflicted (26)

2. The deed was done and the grisly request granted. (27-28)

D. John’s sorrowful disciples came and got his body to bury. (29)

IV. Jesus’ disciples returned (30-32)

A. A report from the disciples (verse 30)

B. Time for a little down time and rest. (verses 31-32)

(very little, as it turned out… next time!)

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