Summary: Verse by verse sermons through the Gospel of Mark

Mark 6:14-28 "A Tortured Soul"

• A tragic story of sinful excess-vain boasting, evil intentions, deep convictions and faithful martyrdom... (read text)

• This "interlude" in the narrative of Jesus' ministry, I believe, gives a clear example of the relevance of Jesus Christ! You may not fully believe Him- you may despise or reject Him-but you CANNOT ignore Him!

• Herod's story...

I. The Prophet's Warning (v. 18)

a. John the Baptist had fearlessly confronted Herod's sinful marriage to Herodias (according to the historian Josephus in "The Antiquities of the Jews" Book 18)

b. Herod had married the daughter of the Arabian King, Aretas IV- but he saw & had to have Herodias.

c. So he divorced his 1st wife(caused war by the way)- & if not bad enough.... John the Baptist reached to the fact that Herodias was already married to Herod's half-brother (Philip)oh...worse.. she was also his niece!-The daughter of His other half-brother, (Aristobolus)!!

d. John boldly denounced this sin!

e. O today sin is rampant and must be called out!

II. The Problem of Wickedness (v. 19)

a. Herodias despised John the Baptist! She lit "had it in for him"...

b. Herodias longed to kill John-BUT Herod was a complex man! A walking contradiction-on one hand, despised John yet on other- respected & feared Him! – had him im prison, ironically to protect him from Herodias!

c. But evil is persistent- Herodias kept on scheming-determined to kill John

i. Listen friend, evil doesn't take a break, Satan will not quit.. we must always be on guard! Amen?!

d. So Herodias allayed in wait & played on Herod's faults to take advantage of an opportunity

III. The Prideful Way (v. 21-28)

a. (v. 21) "opportunity"- convenient day.. for Herodius

b. Herod threw a big & pompous party- everybody that "was somebody" in society was there!

c. Herodias sent her daughter (Salome) Herod's great niece/ step daughter- wow! To dance seductively for Herod & guests!- it worked & Herod's pride-the alcohol, party atmosphere had him fall into Herodias' trap! Sad reality today!

d. "up to half my kingdom"- "oath" (little boy asked about it said if he were Herod he would have said: "no, John the Baptist is in the Other half of kingdom."

e. But Herod's pride wouldn't allow him to recant & the evil deed was done!

f. Herod was haunted (according to history- v. 16- "John" & "I"-major emphasis!) for the rest of his life as evidenced by his certainty that Jesus was actually John back from the dead!

g. Sin's misery is permanent! Make sure you aren't here today with a curious interest in the truth of the Gospel as Herod had - & make sure you repent! & come to Christ! Pride will take you straight to Hell if you let it!

IV. The Preacher's Win

a. The Martyr's Crown-immortalized in scripture-enjoying eternal reward in Glory!

b. Listen-the final chapter has been written & those of us in Christ- we have won!

c. What about you?

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