Summary: We need to quite practicing religion and repent and turn to God.

I. Marks of a sinful nation (v.2-4)

A. Forgotten nourishment

(God calls court into session and shows how He has nourished His children, but they rebelled against Him)

B. Forgotten ownership

(An ox knows his owner, a donkey knows his home, but His children don’t know and do not pay attention to)

Illustration: In a news story that originated in Haifa, Israel. A policeman, while reading this passage from Isaiah, conceived a way to discover the owners of a caravan of donkeys loaded with contraband, the owners having fled. The donkeys were kept with out food for several days, then released and followed; they went straight to the den of their owners, who were arrested for their crime.’source: Broadmam Com. Vol.5 pg.184

C. Forgotten ways (today we have raised a generation that knoweth not the Lord, [a seed of evildoers] people have forgotten the ways of the Lord)

Not only do we see the marks of a rebellious nation, but we can see the marks of a religious nation.

II. Marks of a religious nation (v.10-12)

(question to ask about them)

A. Why don’t they hear the word?

(v.10) (they go to church, but live like the devil)

1. Takes Biblical preaching

2. Personal commitment Isaiah calling them Sodom And Gomorah is like calling us San Francisco or New Orleans, like as in Homosexual districts. A place they thought dissevered God’s judgment.

B. Why do they bring sacrifices? (v.11)

(God is tried of them trying to please Him with gifts. Many people give money to the church today trying to please God. God wants your heart first)

C. Why do they come?

(v.12) tradition, habit Who do you come for? to please you wife, mother, or God

III. Marks of a repented nation. (v.16-18)

A. They turn from their ways. (v.16)

1. Wash - to bathe

2. Make clean - to be transparent, clear, pure, innocent

3. Put away - to go away, repent

B. They turn to God’s ministry. (v.17)

1. Seek judgment - that is seek justice (proper judgment)

2. Relieve the oppressed - to lead straight

3. Judge fatherless - seek justice to those without a father

4. Plead for widows - make a legal case, stand up for.

How can we be a repented nation?

C. We can turn to the Cross. (v.18)

Though own sins be as scarlet, the blood of Jesus will make them white as snow.

Conclusion: (The results of the nation) (v.19-20)

Two results

v. 19 must willing and obedient, eat of the good of the land

v. 20 refuse and rebel, will be devoured To eat or be eaten This is the word of God for the mouth of the Lord had spoken it.

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