Summary: Mary Magdalene in an incredible example of a woman you Satan had all but destoryed being used by God in fantastic ways.

Mary Magdalene

Notable Women and their accomplishments.

1.) Notable women of our day: Golda Meyer, Margaret Thacher, Sen., Mayors, etc.

2.) TCR #3871 Special Distinctions of Women in the Bible.

(1) Last to leave the Cross. (Mk. 15:47)

(2) First at the Tomb. (Jn. 20:1)

(3) First to proclaim the Resurrection. (Mt. 28:8)

(4) Attended the first prayer meeting. (Acts 1:14)

(5) First to greet Christian Missionaries. (Acts 16:13)

(6) First European convert. (Acts 16:14)

3.) Interesting that half of these accomplishments belong to one lady.

4.) Her life as seen in the Scripture is an example to all who read it.

5.) If John can be spoken of as Beloved Disciple, She is the Loving Disciple!

In her story we can see four exemplary stages of true womanhood.......

I.) The first stage: A Sinner used up by Satan. (Lk. 8:1-2)

1.) No previous history recorded.

2.) But we may easily surmise; "7 Demons" Used by the Devil.

3.) She was in great need!!!

4.) "All have sinned" (Rom.3:23) YOU TOO!!!

5.) All past through this stage in life - hopefully!

II.) The another stage: A Sinner finding The Saviour. (Lk. 8:2)

1.) Here is recorded her deliverance! [A happy day in Heaven and earth!]

2.) Jesus didn’t just talk but provided results!! "shewed"

3.) No doubt she had thought there to be no hope of being accepted by God.

4.) But, along came the Saviour. (Rom. 5:6-8)

5.) You are included in God’s plan too!!!

III.) The next stage: Service being offered to the Saviour. (Lk. 8:3)

1.) Following Jesus’ ministry helping.

2.) Cross. (Mk. 15:40-41)

3.) Sepulcher. (Jn. 20:1-2) [She didn’t forget - Women don’t!]

4.) This is one of the clearest ministries of women. (2 Kgs. 4:10, Prov. 31:20, Lk. 7:37-38, Rom. 16:1-4)

5.) "Do it unto the least of these.." (Mt. 25:34-40)

6.) This is how you know that a person has gotten a good dose of salvation!!

IV.) The final stage: Sharing the Good News with Someone. (Jn. 20:11-18)

1.) She was the first person to share the Resurrection message! [chosen!!]

2.) Once a person is Saved from Satan’s grip and begins Serving the next step is Sharing!!!!

3.) "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh." (Mt. 12:34)

4.) Don’t fail to confess Him as Saviour and Lord!!!

Just how much are YOU like Mary Magdalene???

1.) Is Satan still using you? Deliverance TODAY!!!

2.) If you are Saved it is high time to start Serving!!!

3.) Start Serving and Sharing at the same time!!!!!!!

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