Summary: Mary is overflowing with praise because of the greatness of God!


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• When is it the easiest to offer praise to God?

• Is it when great things happen or when circumstances work out in one’s favor?

• As we get to this final message in this series, we must take note of one thing.

• Mary has had quite a wonderful journey thus far. Today we conclude the final message of our three-part series, Mary Christmas, where we have been sitting next to Mary as she been seeing the course of her life change forever.

• The Angel Gabriel has appeared to her, to tell her what God has in store for her, she has made the 50 plus mile journey to see her aged relative Elizabeth, who is six-months pregnant with her son, John the Baptist.

• Mary has listened in awe to the prophetic message from Elizabeth, and now, we see are seating in the room with her, Mary is about to respond.

• The message title is Mary’s Magnificat. The word MAGNIFICAT is a word that comes of the Latin Vulgate, which is a 4th century Latin translation of the Bible, which was largely the work of Jerome.

• The word MAGNIFICAT means PROCLAIMS THE GREATNESS, it is where we get our word MAGNIFICENT.

• This outpouring of praise from Mary is exclaiming the greatness of God.

• Why is Mary pouring out praise to God at this point? Is it simply because she has been blessed in a big way, or is there something more to it than that?

• Mary’s Magnificat has some of its basis in the tremendous blessing Mary has received; however, Mary’s praise goes deeper than, THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING GOOD TO ME.

• As we listen to and examine Mary’s Magnificat, there is application for us today as Mary sets an example of WHY our praise to God should be much deeper than praising God because we received some sort of great blessing.

• Let’s begin in Luke 1:46-49

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Luke 1:46–49 (HCSB) — 46 And Mary said: My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, 47 and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior, 48 because He has looked with favor on the humble condition of His slave. Surely, from now on all generations will call me blessed, 49 because the Mighty One has done great things for me, and His name is holy.

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Mary praises God for…

I. His mercy extended to her. (46-49)

• So much has happened to Mary in such a short time. How many times in one’s life does and Angel of the Lord visit you and tell you that you are going to give birth to the long-awaited Messiah? NEVER!

• Mary is full of joy and humility concerning her calling from God.

• Mary understands that she has not had this honor bestowed upon her because she DESERVED it, but rather, she knew it was by God’s grace and mercy that opened the door for her to be able to have this honor.

• It is true that Mary is praising God in part because He has blessed her in a big way; however, notice the praise is all about God, and how God looked down on her with favor, and how, because of God, she will be called blessed in all the generations.

• Notice she realizes people will see her in this light because of what GOD has done for her.

• She could not get pregnant along, God had to make that happen for her to have a virgin birth!

• It is easy to see that Mary is not caught up in herself, that she is all about God.

• How easy would it be to get a develop a big head and a big ego over the fact that God chose her?

• People have developed ego issues over a lot less, yet Mary knows it is all about God.

• When you serve the Lord with any amount of success, it can be easy to lose sight of why you succeeded. In ministry one MUST keep that thought in the forefront of one’s mind. Once one thinks they are the only reason for whatever they call success, they will soon find out that that it is God who has blessed them.

• Biblical Scholar’s debate whether Mary is speaking by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, personally I do not think she is. I believe she is pouring the joy of her heart to Elizabeth because of what God has done.

• What she says has some resemblance to Hannah’s praise in 1 Samuel 2 as well as some things written in the Psalms. This would not be unusual because Mary would be very familiar with all those writings.

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