Summary: The first Christmas was Mary’s Christmas but today it is simply Merry Christmas.

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"MARY’S Christmas"

Introduction: The first Christmas was not a commercial. It was about a coming, God coming down to be with us. God through His Son came to seek and to save that which was lost. There is nothing Merry about being lost. Mary’s Christmas was about a Saviour born to die for our sins. Have we lost the real reason for the season?

A. The Merriness of Christmas

1. Shopping for gifts

2. Working extra overtime

3. Partying

4. Putting up decorations

5. Cooking giants meals

6. Wrapping gifts

7. Buying trees

8. Fighting bumper to bumper traffic

9. Having enough money to buy gifts

10.Trying not to offend in-laws

11.Shop lifting

12.Clothes searching

13.Gaining weight

14.Loosing weight

15.Sharing in Christmas programs

16.Pulling names

17.Untangling Christmas lights

18.Sending Christmas cards

19.Hearing Christmas songs

20.Cleaning the house

21.Forgetting to buy gifts for certain people

22.Feeling the pressures of past memories

23.Remembering a wasted year

24.Facing relatives whom you don’t like

25.Christmas lights won’t work

26.Arranging travel plans

27.Missing love ones

28.Paying off credit cards

29.Weeding through packed stores

30.Trying to buy kids what they want

31.Unwrapping numerous gifts


2.The Meaning of Christmas

A. Our sin

B. Our sentence

C. Our saviour

D. Our salvation

3.The Matter of Christmas (Christ’s birthday, not ours)

The Validated Birth

A. Abraham saw it

B. Isaiah saw it

C. Joseph saw it

The Vindicating Birth

A. It fulfilled the scriptures

B. It provided salvation

C. It brought hope to the lost

The Virgin Birth

A. Mary’s purity

B. Mary’s seed

C. Mary’s obedience

The Victorious Birth

A. Over Satan

B. Over sin

C. Over sorrrow

4. The Mistakes of Christmas

A. Missing the truth

B. Modernizing of Christmas

C. Money

D. Misery

5. Mary’s Christmas (Mary’s song)

A. God is Mighty

B. God is Holy

C. God is judge

D. God is merciful

E. God is covenant God

F. God is a covenant keeper

G. God is the Saviour of sinners

6. The Ministers of Christmas

A. The angels and the stars

B. The Shepherds

C. The wisemen

D. The King

E. The Priests

F. All the people

7. The Message of Christmas

A. Most of us are never ready. (Lesson on spiritual preparation)

B. Most of our lives are too packed with nothingness.(Lesson on emptiness)

C. Most of us try to put on a show for Christmas. (Lesson on honesty)

D. Most of us over buy during Christmas. (Lesson on moderation)

E. Most of us get more than we deserve at Christmas. (Lesson on Grace)

F. Most of us are still trying to figure it all out. (Lesson on mystery)

G. Most of us are looking for Christ in the stores. (Lesson on Heaven)

Conclusion: Mary’s Christmas was about God’s gift to men. Merry Christmas is about men giving gifts to each other. Which Christmas are you a part of?

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