Summary: Who or what is your master . We all will be mastered by something Who or what will be your is up to you .

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Mathew (6:24) "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You {pl} can’t serve both God and Mammon.

Good morning, today I would like to talk about something that has been ignored or not spoken about for a wile. It is how we are to live regarding this life. Most Christians today have forgotten the basics of living a life devoted to Jesus. Many who I have met who call themselves Christians show no knowledge of how one is to live in the walk of our Lord. Jesus is supposed to be our master, our brother, our savior so why is it so hard for many to not see that. They know about the brother and savior but master? Master, that means one who is over you, one who owns you, one who is accountable for you. In today’s world when you say to someone who is your master, you will get some very emotional responses, albeit most negative saying that no one is master over them.

To be mastered over means you give up your freedom to do what you want and you now do what your master wants. That concept doesn’t set well with many people here in the states after all slavery was abolished over 150 years ago. Slavery here in the states is the closest to master /slave reference we have. There were good masters and of course many bad to which is why still to this day we have such a bad taste for anyone in slavery. However Jesus is the good master, he is dependable always there for us, there to help us in our walk with Father. He not only saves he also redeems us, He stands up for us provided we stand up for Him to others .He is to be one to depend on, to put all our faith in. Jesus is our brother whom loves us so. Jesus is also to be our master and lord. He is to be given your will in return He will give you His. His will is for you to testify in all you do and say about the love, mercy, grace, and compassion He has shown you, to be shown to others. You are to be His ambassador to others.

So then if we are calling ourselves Christians we are stating Jesus is our master, so if Jesus is our master why do we let the things of this world, share, in His mastery over us? Why do we let the bills be master over us? Why do we let money either the lack of or hording as much as you can get be the master over us? Which this is the reason the story of the rich man wanting to know what he must do to get in to Heaven. His money was his master even though he did everything in the law he still lived in this world and there for his heart was still in this world. He lived a good life and to many I bet he was a better representative of what a man of Christ is than many I have come across that claim to be a Christian.

The love of money is a powerful pawn of this world, but it’s not the only one. Anything that is not of God is of this world. We can’t let the sins of this world spoil us for the next world to come, we can’t let it become our master and then loose site of our true master, Jesus.

The love of money is only one of many, for some it is a computer. Other is soccer or football game, others, being with the guys or girls, others the many addictions (drugs. porn. alcohol. sex, or gluttony). These in taken in moderation or in the confines of what they were to be used for are not bad ( except for the obvius ) . All these things do what ...they cater to the body‘s needs and wants. Now we are not talking about not going or being in a game of football or having a glass of wine or having relations with your spouse. Not by a long shot. But, what I am saying is that when these things take over your everyday functioning, When all that matters is football, or getting that kegger for the party or using (or abusing) you spouse for sex, these are when you are no longer in control of your self, you have allowed something to become master of you.

The body if left unchecked will do all kinds of evil and vial things that under normal situations it wouldn’t do. Look at the many who are suffering because of there own actions, the actions of letting thier body control and do what it wants. Look at the man in prison who by his letting his body control his thinking and actions has put himself in the situation he is in .The men and women are there because their mind was being told what to do from their body in it’s want’s and needs instead of let it be controled by The Holy Spirit .

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