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Summary: I have inherited a mansion, and wealth beyond belief, a storehouse full of every resource I could ever need. (Spiders too apparently) ...

Matthew 13:51-52 - HOW TO BE A HOMEOWNER WITH A NEST EGG - Part 20

A shed full of every resource I could ever need, wealth beyond belief, an incredible mansion. I have inherited the lot according to Matthew 13:51-52, spiders too apparently. In the middle of writing this, a spider has come down from the ceiling on its web and stopped about 2 cms away from my glasses. Startled the life out of me! Wildlife! Recently I saw a wild rabbit running across the entrance to Shalom, the centre where I work. That wouldn’t be so unusual, but I work near a busy highway and next door to a university in the city! Then as I was driving home, in the middle of a busy road, I saw a fox running across in front of me. I suppose where there are rabbits. No kangaroos yet.... But NOTHING WILL DISTRACT ME. Not spiders, rabbits, foxes, lack of kangaroos, rain, hail, snow.. Now where was I?...

A HOME OWNER? Man, how is that true? Most people in Australia couldn’t say that they own their own home. The bank maybe. They are still paying off a mortgage. For me even that seems about as far away as it could possibly be right now. Julie and I sold our home many years ago so that I could train to be a Pastor (no government assistance then). So how am I a home owner? What kind of nest egg will we ever have? It doesn’t make sense. I DON’T GET IT!

His life work has been to study the ancient documents of the Old Testament Bible. Theologian, lawyer, teacher (Rabbi), a member of the ruling class called the Sanhedrin and an acknowledged authority concerning the Scriptures, a very powerful and influential man. A SCRIBE. He complains that Jesus doesn’t make any sense. Why doesn’t he of all people understand? But he, like so many others down through the centuries, just DON’T GET IT!

What’s a HOME OWNER and a NEST EGG got to do with a SCRIBE? Everything! Stay with me. Don’t let the lack of kangaroos distract you. I think I understand what Jesus is saying. Listen and it will all make sense.

Jesus puts all three together. He says “Every TEACHER OF RELIGIOUS LAW (Scribe) who becomes a DISCIPLE in the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN (comes under the authority of Jesus as King) is like a HOMEOWNER who brings from his STOREROOM (nest egg) NEW GEMS OF TRUTH as well as OLD.” (Matthew 13:52 NLT). Jesus invites me to be the kind of Scribe that comes under His authority.

If you want a picture of what a Scribe is meant to be then look in 2 Timothy 2:15 (NLT). It says "Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive His approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly explains the word of truth." Diligence and hard work. I can’t live out what I don’t understand.

Getting to know what the Bible says is a given if I am going to get to know Jesus and share His Truth. I don’t ever find Jesus criticising the study of the Scriptures. His concern is that there might be a disconnect between what we know and what we live. He says in effect "Use it all, new and old!" Be intentional.

But what really strikes me about this passage is that because I am a disciple of Jesus I am a HOME OWNER! I have a STOREHOUSE (a NEST EGG)! And no, I’m not talking about a heavenly mansion, pie in the sky when you die. I’m not trying to sound like the car saleman that promises a grand in the hand where you stand either. I’m talking about an inheritance of untold resources available for our use.

As a HOME OWNER I provide whatever my family NEEDS from that which has been deposited in the STOREHOUSE. But so often my understanding is limited. My storehouse is not only my BANK ACCOUNT from which my bills are paid or my TERM DEPOSITS accumulating interest for the future. Or my SUPER FUND investment. My storehouse is not just THE PANTRY where we deposit groceries for the coming week. My storehouse is not only MY EDUCATION from which I draw on. Nothing wrong with all these things and they have all deposited something of value in my life, but I can be limited to thinking within the sphere of these resources if I am not careful. Essentially Jesus is saying that MY WHOLE LIFE is designed to be a storehouse for the INVESTMENTS of God! Heavens unlimited resources for the everyday situations of earth.

Forget about the eternal mansion and riches of heaven for the meanwhile. Heavens riches are available to me here and now. I don’t simply STORE IT UP like the Scribes of old, spend my time sitting on the golden nest egg. The nest egg of eternity is meant to be distributed and like the feeding of the 5000 there is more than enough to go around. Heaven’s authority becomes my authority! I bring it to bear on healing the sick, or justice for the poor, or teaching the Word of God or whatever is needed.

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