Summary: And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

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And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him:

And...this is a word used to indicate continuation of and event or a statement. This tells me that the next statement is a continuation of a previous event or statement. Looking back to the previous chapter before this we understand the flow of this particular verse of scripture. Jesus had gone through chapter four calling some guys to follow him as disciples and they did. Imagine a man showing up feeling like some wise smart guy asking you to leave your career and follow him…where? You don’t even know! This must have looked ridiculous. Learned men like Matthew and Luke a physician following someone like Jesus. In order for them to understand the man they were called to follow he showed them some signs and wonders. Matthew 4:24-25 said his fame went throughout…and they brought unto him...sick people…and he healed them. The result of this was that he had great multitude follow him.

It was after all of these that we come into this new chapter with the word And showing that the event of the previous chapter and the present one are connected. After he had done great miracles he was now going to teach them how they too can become miracle workers.

Seeing… To see is to recognise, to observe in details, have vision, not be blind, perception by sight, perceive mentally, get to know, become aware of, find out, learn, check out, look over carefully. Is it not amazing that we serve a seeing God! We serve a God who can recognise us and our infirmities. The God we serve is not an image made by men that have eyes but cannot see. He is not a force or an imagination in our mind.. He is a seeing God! Not only does He sees but he also recognises, Jeremiah said in Chapter 1 and verse 5 Before I formed you in the belly I knew thee.. He knows, he is aware of me. He knows what I’m going through. Bible says we have not an High priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities - Hebrew 4:15. He is touch by our feelings! He is a seeing God!! He sees beyond what man cannot see, he seeing my inner thoughts, he sees what no man can see…He sees!!!

the multitudes…means a large gathering of people, battalion, large number of people. Jesus saw these multitudes. Who were they? Chapter 4 had introduced us to this multitude and who they were. Verse 23 said he went about all Galilee, teaching…preaching…and healing…hmmmm…this is really powerful! Jesus not only taught…he also preached…now that is a whole message on it’s own. He didn’t just teach and preach. He also healed and these three things made his fame go abroad throughout all Syria. Naturally people are drawn to where there is light, so after illuminating their lives with the word and giving them hope via his healing they went out to tell others about Him. The result of this is that more people came who were sick with one disease or the other and some who were hopeless and needed direction also came. This were people who had divers issues, issue of sicknesses, diseases, demonic oppressions, even mad people were part of this multitudes. Isn’t interesting that our God the most Holy one would allow mad folks to come near him…while we his disciples cannot stand people who do not share our believes.. food for thought. Where did they come from? Verse 25 says they were from Galilee, Decapolis, Jerusalem, Judaea and even beyond Jordan…hmmm, people travelled from across the river to get to Jesus. Paid the prize to get their breakthrough. Now wherever there is power the people would come no matter how far it is. John the Baptist was in the wilderness cursing and abusing the people but people still travelled their to hear him. This people were from all over. Why did they come? simple they came to hear Jesus because of his wisdom in his teaching and preaching. They came to be healed of all their infirmities. They came to experience his power for themselves. So they came to b seen and yes!!! Jesus did see them even beyond their own imaginations. He saw their needs and knew how to meet their needs.

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