Summary: How to motivate and encourage others.

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Maturing in our faith

INTRO.- ILL.- There once was a man whose life long dream was to sail around the world in his boat.

• And as he set off on his Voyage

• There was a crowd of people laughing at him on the pier

• They were saying things like you’ll never make it

• You’ll get sunburned --You’ll starve to death“

• “That boat of yours won’t withstand any storms.” “

• Everything these people were saying added up to You’ll never make it.”

But there was one man who was different

• This man didn’t join the others that were making fun of him

• Instead he was shouting words of encouragement.

• As the little boat began pulling away from shore,

• This man went to the end of the pier

• And began shouting You can do it WE’RE PROUD OF YOU!


A lot of times in our personal lives

• This is how we feel

• That we are the one in the boat

• We’re on this long journey, and when it comes down to it

• We’re not really sure if we are going to make it or not

• And as we’re heading out to sea,

• There doesn’t seem to be very many people on the pier giving us any words of encouragement

In life it seems like more people are critical than supportive.

• And I know this sounds sad but it’s the truth

• In Life there are many discouragers but few encouragers.

• Most people just seem to be better at discouraging others than encouraging them.

But there is also the other side of the coin.

• In June of, 1965, another small boat left MASS.

• And it was destined for England.

• This boat was only 13 ½ feet long and it would be the smallest boat in history to ever make the trip.

The man that was attempting this trip was Robert Manry.

• And this had been his dream for most of his adult life

• Now even though he wouldn’t admit it, Robert was afraid, but not of the ocean.

• He was afraid of all the people who would try and talk him out of the trip.

• So he didn’t tell many people,

• Just a few relatives and his wife, Virginia

• Who was his greatest supporter and encourager.

The trip was anything but pleasant.

• He spent many nights going withoutr sleep trying to cross

• The shipping lanes without getting run over or sinking.

• After weeks at sea his food became tasteless.

• He was so lonely that he started to have hallucinations.

• And to make matters worse His rudder broke three times.

Storms swept him overboard,

• And if it hadn’t been for the forethought of tying a rope around his waist,

• He never would have made it back on board.

• But finally, after 78 days alone at sea,

• He sailed into England

During his many nights, he fantasized about what he would do

• When he got to England.

• And he had decided that he would check into a hotel, eat dinner alone,

• And the next morning see if the Associated Press might be interested in his story.

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