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Maturity can be demonstrated in a variety of ways. Usually, maturity is seen in people of supreme focus on their purpose, regardless of distractions. Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, who led his country out of the jaws of defeat during World War 2, exhibited shameless maturity before all men. One day, Franklin Delanor Roosevelt, the President of the U.S., needed to urgently talk to Churchill. However, as the President entered the room to see Churchill, he was not told that the bulky Prime Minister was taking a bath while reading his daily newspaper. When President Roosevelt came into Churchill's large room, he was shocked and embarrassed at interrupting the Prime Minister. Roosevelt apologized profusely saying, "Please forgive the intrusion Mr. Prime Minister, I seemed to have come at a most inconvenient time."

Never one to mince words, Churchill immediately stood up in the tub stark naked with his cigar in his right hand and said, "My dear friend and colleague, may it always be remembered that the Prime Minister of Great Britain has NOTHING to hide from the President of the United States!" With those words, Roosevelt came to gain a deeper appreciation of Churchill's unmitigated boldness. Churchill was able to channel his courage and maturity to the British people who helped to defeat Nazi aggression.

1. Be more concerned about doing the God's best things rather than worrying about doing things perfectly.

2. Be more concerned about pleasing the Lord in all respects and bearing fruit than accomplishing things that will noticed by people.

3. Be more concerned about loving the Lord with all your heart, soul, strength and mind and your neighbor as yourself than leaving a great legacy behind.

4. Focus on things above rather than on things that are troubling you here on earth.

5. Concentrate on God's priorities and He will take care of your own troubles, enemies, and deficiencies.

6. Focus on the areas where God has gifted you with strengths rather than complaining about those areas where you have weaknesses.

7. Give your time, talents and resources to things that will count for eternity rather than piling up possessions that will not last beyond this life.\

8. Spend at least 15 minutes with the Lord in the study of His word. Spend another 15 minutes asking the Lord what He would want you to accomplish every morning. Jesus went out to a lonely place and there He prayed - every morning. Mark 1:35

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