Summary: We will learn that despite the decisions (positive and negative) of our family members, it truly is by grace that we can have a successful walk with God.

Introduction: Ill: Deception is prized by our sinful nature. Don Richardson; Papa New Guinea – the people valued Judas I. over Jesus because the best men were the deceivers in their eyes. Jacob will experience this same type of culture. It is bad enough when “deception” is a part of your name, but when your family and friends create an added burden.


• We left Jacob at Bethel (house of God), after he has a personal encounter with Jehovah God. It seem that Jacob has left from

the only family he knew going into a land that he was not familiar with (Abraham); but God has come to him to reaffirm His chose

of Jacob to be who God has chosen to bless.

• Jacob, a soul like you and me. He has moments of great faith and then moments of great worldliness. He finds himself around a

lot of negative situations, but God in grace reaches down and turns them into a positive experience to where Jacob’s name will no

longer be associated with deception but rather directly linked with God Himself.

• In chapter 29, Jacob “went” (lifted up his feet), and continued traveling 500 miles plus to the land of Haran. (review Genesis 24,

Abraham’s servant, the well &Rebekah)

• This evening, we will learn that despite the decisions (positive and negative) of our family members, it truly is by grace that we can

have a successful walk with God. For each one of us, we have had family either build us up or try to sabotage our life, and yet

God is always able to take it all and make it into something worth while.

I. Jacob Chose Parental Advice Over Personal Desires. (28:16;29:1-3)

• Jacob continued going in the direction set forth by his parents. He was not easily distracted. (50-70 yrs old)

• Jacob’s obedience enforces Exodus 20:12 – Honor parents so that your days will be long…

A. This direction introduced him to God. Could it be if Jacob chose his own way, he may not have had the experience that he

did in Bethel.

B. This direction introduced him to family. This passage implies that Jacob has not been around this family. Around 100 yrs.

have passed for any of this family to come together, and Jacob’s persistence pays off; he meets Rachel, Leah, and Laban.

C. This direction ultimately provides safety and security. (13-14) Jacob is welcomed into the protection of the house of his

relatives. He no longer is a man without a home. He now has his basic needs provided for.

D. Application: Ill: The introduction to God is the job of the parents. Our parents are not perfect, but thank God for those

parents who saw it their duty to put their children on the path with God. This path does not mean the children will stay on it or

that they will even accept Christ, but it is a greater chance then letting someone else do it.

• It is when we meet and accept God for ourselves, that we find ourselves of a bigger family, which in the end will provide

all the security and safety we need now and later.

II. Jacob Chose Relationship Over Materialism. (29:15-20)

A. Displays work ethic: (29:15,30;30:25-ff) (I believe a lesson taught by parents)

• Some commentators say that the stone at the well was so massive, that it took several shepherds to remove it, but

Jacob does it alone (and waters all the sheep)

• Jacob is by no mean a lazy man. He works hard for his father-in-law

B. Displays generous affection: (29:15-16)

• Laban offers to pay Jacob for work, and rather than seeking materialism and a paycheck, he chooses to work for the

honor of marrying Rachel.

• 7 yrs is a great deal for Laban, and great dowry ($100,000+ at minimum wage)

C. Displays genuine affection: (29:20)

• Seven years of work flew by shows us that Jacob truly loved Rachel above all. Nothing was going to keep him from

being his wife. He could have quit midstream, but love kept him going (not physical relationship)

• Today’s culture values the pursuit of materialism, career, and corporate success over getting married or raising family.

• Ill: Today’s common activity to choose career over children; singleness and stuff over marriage and joint-cooperation.

Cultures dying out because of lack of children and marriage.

III. Jacob Valued Commitment Despite Being Blindsided. (29:21-30)

A. Blinded by testosterone: (possibly wine as well)

• “Give me my wife for my time is completed, that I may go in to her.”

• He does not take time to talk or to look into her face, he was so consumed with passion and desire, that he let his

emotions guide his actions.

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