Summary: A message considering who Melchizedek, how he is connected to Jesus and why he should matter to us!

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•OK, let’s start off with a little Bible Pop Quiz this morning

•Let’s find out who the Bible Geniuses are!

Q: Who is Melchizedek? (Fade in 1 at a time)

A.) Another name for the devil

B.) An Old Testament King

C.) Roman Emperor who reigned from 48 AD to 59 AD

D.) Gesundheit!

•Well, the answer is . . . B.) An Old Testament King

•And obviously Melchizedek is a name that’s not very familiar to us

•But, believe it or not, Melchizedek is one of

•the most interesting AND important figures in all of the Bible

•AND . . . as unknown as he may be, there’s actually enough

•information and theory about him to fill a couple of sermons

•so I’m going to have to work hard to cover as much as I can

•in the time I have this morning

•Now, let me start by explaining why

• I even chose to talk about Melchizedek today.

• First, because in a personal study I’m doing,

• and in my Community Group, AND on Wednesday nights,

• we’ve recently been covering this part of the OT –

• The Patriarchs: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

• And in one of those studies, we came across the story of Melchizedek,

• and it was pretty clear that this was unfamiliar territory for a lot of people.

• Well, part of my job is to help you learn and understand

• the parts of the Bible you’ve never studied before. OK?

• So that’s reason number one

• Reason number two, is that this particular Bible Study group

• then challenged me to preach a sermon on M

• and made it clear that they didn’t think I could really do it!

• So OBVIOUSLY, I had to preach on Melchizedek today, right?

• OK, so you know that I’m always up for a challenge,

• BUT, the real reason I want to talk about M today

• is that there is something so amazing, so mind-blowing in his story,

• that it could change the way you look at Scripture for the rest of your life!

• And that’s an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up on!

• SO . . . let’s take a look at the Scripture that is related to M,

• and see if we can really confuse you

• and then I’ll do my best to unconfused you. Sound good?

• The story of M begins in Genesis 14

• and centers around the first Patriarch, Abraham,

• or Abram as he’s called at this point.

• Now, just a little bit of review: After Noah’s flood,

• God is searching for a man to build a nation from.

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