Summary: Today i want to give you three reasons why we should remember Christs sacrifice.

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Memorials Can be Forgotten


Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 Read it

Everything has its season (Pause)

Everything has its appropriate time (Pause)

This weekend is the time for some memories

The service of our nation’s servants (Pause)

This weekend we need to be looking to the past and present service (Pause)

Of our nation’s military personnel who gave a portion of their life to be available

And to risk death on the battlefields of this world

So that we may continue to live in liberty provided by God. (Pause)

But, you see, memories and memorials can be forgotten. (Pause)

Reported on the news just yesterday, a world war I memorial built in Washington, D.C. has been forgotten and unattended. (Pause)

Its stone columns and engravings are wrought with cracks and ugly black stains.

It is hidden to some degree in a semi-circle of hedges which make it hard to see unless you walk upon it closely. (Pause)

And in contradiction to most memorials of such a grave nature.

There are no posted signs leading anyone to it. (Pause)

Hidden away, unattended, completely forgotten. (Pause)

The further something is away from us, the easier it is to put aside in memory. (Pause)

Because of the current war on terrorism raging throughout this world

Our servicemen of today are looked to with much respect and gratitude.

And they should be looked to in that way.

But, our men and women who still walk the face of this earth and fought in past wars from WWI to WWII

To Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afhganistan and Grenada

And many other battles around this world through out our history have largely been forgotten in many ways, by many people. (Pause)

When a military soldier is awarded the congressional metal of honor,

As all other soldiers pass by him, he is to be saluted. (Pause)

Even if he is an enlisted man, commissioned officers are to salute him

Because his sacrifice and accomplishment are to be recognized above all others. (Pause)

Jesus said that there is no greater love in all the world that when a friend is willing to lay down his life for another. (Pause)

In war, some die and some do not.

But, all put themselves at risk to do so

and our military service men who have made themselves available to be at risk and to accomplish the task of defending our liberty,

should be always remembered and looked upon in a special way

because of his sacrifice and accomplishments.

As great and as wonderful are the sacrifices of men

There is still one whose sacrifice and accomplishments are greater than all. (Pause)

And while we may honor men who have given so much of themselves for our benefit with salutes, song and prayer,

There is yet one who deserves all honor, all glory, and all praise.

Men may have provided us with temporary earthly liberty, but there is one who has provided us with freedom eternally.

Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and king of kings.

And I can never say that enough

He is the Lion of Judah, that bright and morning star

He is the great liberator, our great provider and redeemer.

He died to save you from your sins and set you free.

He has always been there and he will never leave you nor forsake you. (Pause)

So today I want to give you three reasons we should remember Christ’s sacrifice.

I. Because it is Truth

Matthew 28:11 – 15 Read it.

From the very beginning of Christ’s resurrection there have been those who have worked to hide and distort the truth. (Pause)

But, you see, not even the distortion of the truth is reasonable. (Pause)

Either the body of Christ was stolen, or it is resurrected.

Either the guards fell asleep on their watch, or they didn’t.

Either the stone was rolled away while they slept so that the body of Christ could be moved, or it wasn’t. (Pause)

When I was n the Marine Corps, I served as a Military Policeman. (Pause)

There came a time that I was changed from the day shift to the night shift. (Pause)

My first night on this new shift, I was posted at a check point to the flight line during a time that the base was considered to be in a state of duress.

Because of an elevated alert status

During my shift of 12 hours in the middle of the night, I unintentionally fell asleep. (Pause)

My staff NCO found me, woke me up, and gave me only that moment of grace because it was my first night on shift.

But, had I been caught ever again, I would have seen a Court Marshal. (Pause)

The story of the Roman soldiers posted to keep watch over the tomb of Christ is that they both fell asleep during their shift. (Pause)

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