Summary: Memories are powerful reminders of our past both good and bad. Peter deals with his memories of denial.

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• This is a time of daily memory making for me…..Tyler last night.

• Memories are one of the most conflicted parts of our existence.

• Good memories/bad memories

• There are some we wish we could just forget

• Was this Paul’s thorn?

• Breaking the very heart of God (you call me preacher, jr. preacher)

• Embracing Christ – Turning my back on Christ.


• No doubt Peter was plagued with memories, both good and bad

o His call

o His realization that Jesus was the Christ

o Miracles observed

o Denial

• Today I am speaking to those of you who suffer frequently or infrequently with bowt of spiritual paralysis as a result of those memories.

• Peter the Patron Saint of Spiritual Paralysis

• His paralysis began with the 1st stabbing memory of that night around the table.


• It was a Passover that Jesus warned Peter about the power of Satan.

• Peter had sworn allegiance unto death, but Jesus encouraged him to keep his pride in check.

• “Satan has asked to sift you like wheat.”

• And in just a few hours Peter went from being a so bold as to wage war for the kingdom to following God in the shadows.

• Trying to hide his identity Peter is recognized and accused of being a Xn.

• Matthew wants us to understand that though Jesus confirms his identity 3x Peter denies his own as a disciple 3x.

• Matthew paints a picture of Jesus standing firm before the HP while Peter gives in to the HP’s slave.

• The CROW.

Peter Runs

• This is the last we see of Peter for a while.

• No doubt when he heard the crow he fled the scene in shame as he came to remember Jesus’ words.

• Where he went no one knows for sure

• Matthew records that he “wept bitterly.”

• I can imagine…

Peter Reappears

• When Peter reappears it is not as the same proud, arrogant disciple

• Peter has been hardened and humbled by life.

• Thinking that he couldn’t possibly stand with God any longer, Peter returns to what he knew best – fishing.


• Instead Peter becomes a slave to sin.


• Matthew makes it clear that Peter was sorry for what he had done

• Peter had been pardoned, but he lived like he was guilty – WHY?

• For the very same reason that we do – because he listened to his accuser.

Listening to Satan

• Have you ever noticed how easy it is to listen to the accuser?

• He has adapted his message to fit your lifestyle – he comes to us.

• God however requires that you make a decision – he calls us to himself.

• The result of our listening to the accuser is that we become a slave to sin.

o He tells the half truth that we are not worthy of God and as a result God won’t have us.

o We know that forgiveness is ours for the asking, but the accuser convinces us that God won’t tolerate us any longer.

• I am afraid that Peter represents us all quite well.

• In fact, anyone who comes face to face with God’s amazing grace must ask the question “who me?”

• The fact is that Jesus knew that Peter would fall down – trip!

• But Jesus also knew that nothing could separate us from the love of God.

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