Summary: Father’s Day message that focuses on men of God needing to pull life together when it’s not in line.

Just because I said, “Men, It’s Time to Get It Together,” that doesn’t mean women you should close your bibles and divide your attention, because although I would like to focus on the men I guarantee you that there is a message in this sermon for you as well. Men, I don’t want you to tune me out, I’m not here to beat you up, because the last time I checked I was 100% man, so I will cut us some slack.

But let’s consider some things this morning. At the beginning of creation it was, and still is God’s plan, purpose, and design for the man to be the head of the household, but there are some men who have vacated their God-given responsibilities. I’m not talking about any of you, but some men like you.

• For some reason these men have become back seat drivers when God called them to be behind the steering wheel.

• There are fathers who have abandoned their families or perhaps got ghost before the birth of their children, leaving the mother to handle things on her own, and yes there are mothers who are doing a wonderful job raising their children alone, but this was never the way God intended it to be.

I want to encourage you single mothers to keep your trust in God, and be the best mother you can be. I hear some women say that they have to be the mother and the father, but allow me to correct that. You can’t be the father, because fatherly qualities and abilities were given to men, so just be the best mother there is and let God work out the rest.

• There should be enough godly men around to help be the type of male role models children need who come from single-parent households.

• Men, we need to take back the leadership positions that God ordained us to be in; it’s time to get it together.

Priorities seem to be another issue for men, especially those who buy bling bling and rims before buying a house, investing in rap albums instead of the stock market, and have every pair of Jordans since 1984, but don’t have one suit, shirt, or tie. I’m sorry; I did say I was going to cut us some slack.

• But we need to get our priorities together. In case you haven’t noticed we are living in the last days and this world is experiencing the birth pains that Jesus talked about in Matthew 24.

• Men, we don’t make the world go around, but a lot of things do start with us. God is calling for us to be leaders in our homes and in the church.

• He wants us to be role models, mentors, and counselors, not just to children, but for other men as well.

As we ponder on this sermon’s subject, the phrase “Let’s Get It Together,” suggest that something is out of balance. It suggests that there are some habits that need to be broken, and some attitudes that need to be changed.

• When you hear this phrase, you know that it’s time to get serious and that all games must cease. There comes a time in a person’s life who really understands what God is calling them to, which causes them to say, “It’s time to get it together.”

• Men, I want to encourage us to get it together, to come to the point of making that decision before physical and spiritual damage occurs.


This is the point that the children of Israel have now come to in our text. Joshua, who succeeded Moses as the next leader called all the tribes of Israel to come to Shechem where he reviewed Israel’s history.

• Let’s take a trip down memory lane. If you recall, the people who were now under Joshua’s leadership were once the younger generation who God said would see the Promised Land; but not their parents, who wandered 40 years in the wilderness because of their disobedience to God, until that entire generation died with the exception of Joshua and Caleb.

Joshua and Caleb lives were spared by God because when they were sent to spy out the land of Cannon before they possessed it, they were the only two who came back with a good report, a report that was based on faith in God that they were well able to take over the land, while the other 10 men scared the nation with a bad report of how the people were too strong for them to overtake.

In the text, Joshua reminds Israel of how far they’ve come as a nation with God. Listen to what Joshua says, “It was God who called your father Abraham out of his country, where they served other gods.

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