Summary: God looks for a person in this Generation where every walk of the life is more perverted, rotten. Yet God has the hope on this generation, He is looking for a person who can do the greater things.

Ezekiel 22:01-31

Men who are sought by God

Introduction: Ezekiel was a contemporary of prophets Jeremiah and Daniel. He wrote probably between 593 and 563 BC.

vv.1-15 The sins of that Generation:

1. Despising the parents (v.7) and holy things of the Lord-bread and Wine-(v.8)

2. Mistreated the foreigners,

3. Oppressed the fatherless and widows

4. Treated unholy of the Sabbath (v.8)

5. Doing sexual and other unholy things (v.9-11)

6. Bribes, taking interest and profits, unjust gains (v.12-13)

7. Priests are neglecting the word of God, they dishonour God (v.26).

8. Princes are like wolves (v.27). The prophets are false prophets (v.28)

9. People in General are robbers, oppressors (v.29).

The sins of all generations in all nations in all times are the same. The model and types may differ from one to another. But the Sin is Sin and wickedness is wickedness.

vv.16-22. Restoration of the Generation

The people became dross(collide) of silver, copper, iron and tin. Their values have gone their usage has gone. Everything is almost as a waste. But God will remould them, some may be lost few may be made use as useful materials. If God has to work among the Generations. He also needs man of God. There was an Elijah to revive the Israelites during the times of the Kings. There was an Eli easer to bring revival during the wilderness Journey. There was Ezra and Nehemiah during post captivity period to revive the Israel. God wants to use you as a special instrument in the hands of God in your generation. The Challenge is to become a man of gap.

vv.30-31 Man of the Gap

God sought for a man who can stand in the gap. I sought a man who can pray (Is 59:16), No one was there to call upon the Lord (Hos.7:7). No one with a heart to seek the presence of the Lord, No one to do good (Ps.14:2), No one worship the Lord (Ps.14:4).

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