Summary: Are we spiritually permiable? Are we ready to put on the things of the Spirit and put away the things of the flesh? Mary was.

Merry Osmosis

Luke 1:26-38

((Props: You will need a picture of the cardio-pulmonary system and a picture of two hearts… one colored white and the other black)))

This morning I have a very strange sermon for you. I guess you are getting used to that. In the last two weeks I have preached using a communion table and a manger scene.

Today I am going to use an anatomy lesson.

Today we are going to talk about OSMOSIS.

Do you know what osmosis means?

The process of attraction by which gases and fluids pass through a permeable membrane.

I want to illustrate osmosis with some pictures.

Now… this will take just a few minutes and when you understand it, the sermon will make much better sense.

Your blood runs all through your body. It leaves the heart full of oxygen… red blood.

It gives its oxygen to the body and returns to the heart totally spent… like a man after a ten mile race. The heart pumps it to the lungs.

The lungs are full of oxygen, and the blood is full of carbon dioxide.

So the blood dumps its carbon dioxide into the lungs… it passes right through the walls of the artery. The blood does not pass through… just the carbon dioxide.


Then the oxygen from the lungs is passed through the walls of the artery into the blood.

Now the blood is rich and full of oxygen. It goes back to the heart and is pumped to the rest of the body where it can share its oxygen with every part.

Then the blood also picks up waste from all of the cells of the body and goes to the kidney.

There the waste products pass right through the walls of the artery into the kidney.

And the blood continues on and, in the stomach, food passes through the lining of the stomach through the walls of the vessels and into the blood stream to be taken to every part of the body.

The beauty… no the MIRACLE of the process is that nutrients, oxygen, waste products and other things that the body needs to transport from place to place can pass right through the walls of the vessels and the linings of the organs in order to get into and out of the blood stream.

Yet… the blood does not pass through… and the unwanted things can not pass through.

AIN’T GOD GOOD? !!!!!!!!!

Now; enough of the anatomy lesson and on to the sermon.

What the heck does all of that have to do with Christmas… or church… or you?

I want you to think of that process… osmosis… passing through… in with the good… out with the bad.

I want to talk to you about SPIRITUAL OSMOSIS.

What is that?

Much like the osmosis of the blood products… spiritual osmosis is “the process of maturity by which Christlikeness, humility, holiness and a lot of other qualities pass through a permeable membrane.

Imagine it like this…

This large white, pure heart is God’s heart. It symbolizes purity, holiness, perfection and Godliness. It is all of the things God wants you to become.

This black heart represents all people… sinful, selfish, worldly, fleshly, materialistic… and all of the things God does not want you to be.

Spiritual osmosis is the process by which God takes out the evil things and puts in the spiritual things.

Some hearts, spiritually speaking, are permeable… allow the bad to be removed and the good put in its place.


Are we permeable…. Spiritually speaking?

Do we want the things of God in our lives?

Do we want to rid ourselves of the ungodly things?

For instance… take your mind.

Your mind is filled, and daily refueled with fleshly, humanistic and materialistic thoughts and thought patterns until it becomes very difficult to walk by faith.

They are constantly getting you into trouble and leading you to turn away from God for answers and turn to the world.

That is one of the things God really wants to change about you.

Just as the body brings nutrients and oxygen to the organs and cells and takes away the spent, useless, poisonous waste products…

God wants to remove the humanistic, materialistic confusion and replace it with God-focused, spiritually based truth.

That truth comes from God’s word, the bible. God wants you to be constantly entering this data into your computer… the brain.

As you do, you need to constantly delete all of the worldly wisdom and counsel.

Soon your computer (brain) will be purged of the corrupt files and only good data will be left.

That will make it much easier for you to process truth.

God’s word is the ultimate anti-virus utility. It will seek out and bring to light all false and misleading data that Satan tries to get into your computer to cause you to crash.

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