Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Let me reiterate, passion keeps you awake! Passion wakes you up early!


Psalms 119:62 ‘At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, Because of Your righteous judgments.’

John Abraham, Bollwood actor has an ‘adrenaline rush’ for exotic cars; among the fleet of cars and bikes he owns was added the latest ‘Lamborghini.’ Just to avoid the crazy traffic, John gets up in the wee hours of the morning to drive the car. Such is his obsession for the car! Not just the Lambo, but all his cars and bikes! He drives his cars in the night and in the wee hours of the day because he says ‘they are my love story!’ Passion for cars keeps him awake! Here comes a message to awaken you from your cozy slumber!

Let me reiterate, passion keeps you awake! Passion wakes you up early! If there’s a new suit in the cupboard, my son would never sleep; he would toss it around a million times, keep all the accessories to go with it ready so that he could easily slide into it the next morning. The new suit is kept close to his bed! No one dare steal it from him! Midnight, I’m sure he would dream of it because he keeps touching it whenever he wakes up in the night. I don’t have to scream or yell that day, to wake up and rush to school; early morning, while it is still dark, he would spring up from the bed, quickly have a shower and slide into his new suit. He is all smiles! Passion keeps you awake!

In the above scripture David says that he wakes midnight to praise Him! Boy, that’s something! He does not say, ‘I will wake up to plead Him for blessings, instead he woke up to give Him thanks.’ Praise God! Only a passionate heart can do this! Besides, David knew that midnight was the right time to be awake and pray while the satanic forces are in full swing planting attacks on the churches, pastors, preachers and the children of God. Are you listening? A prayer warrior knows when to pray! There are many out there playing cards and caroms while the enemy is blitzing their roof, marriage and kids and they would say, ‘God in his time will deliver me’ but their time is not spent in ‘intense prayer’ for deliverance. When Paul and Silas were flogged, beaten brutally and put in the prison, while they were bleeding these two guys out of their passion for God sang praises unto Him. May God give us this passion!

Friend, it’s not my pulpit prowess, or being computer savvy, neither the language skills or my debonair that can give me a firm grounding in the ministry against the avalanche of attacks that satan brings over me, every second, I repeat every second on my ministry and kids; but my HOT PURSUIT FOR HIM DAY AND NIGHT is what keeps me going till this minute. I thank Him humbly for this strength! When my son Joshua was rushing to the early morning service on the first of this month to play the keyboard, at 5.30 in the morning he was bitten in the leg by a street dog. We washed the ‘bitten area’ with water, I applied holy oil and we conducted the service with Josh playing the keyboard, it was after the service that he was taken to the hospital for treatment and injection.

What keeps you ticking for God despite the enemy prowling and stalking to devastate your peace? Simmering boiling, hot Passion for Him! Stop complaining, start praying!

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