Summary: Discussion of 3 character traits essential to being Mighty for the Lord

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“Mighty Is As Mighty Does”

II Sam. 23:8-12


What does it take to be ‘mighty’ for the Lord?

I believe it takes someone who knows they are never outnumbered. In verse 8 of II Sam. 23, we’re introduced to a man by the name of Adino. He and his people are mentioned one time in Scripture, right here in verse 8.

Adino is the first of many ‘mighty’ men of David. But what made Adino ‘mighty’. I believe it was the fact that he never thought he was outnumbered. Verse 8 tells us that one day, while minding his own business, 800 warriors came against him. Adino had a choice: 1) cut tail and run, 2) lay down and die, or 3) stand up and fight. What choice to you think Adino, the mighty man of David, made?

That’s right, he choose to stand up and fight. So, armed only with a spear, Adino went against his attackers, knowing only this, he may not have started the fight, but by God’s grace, he was going to finish it. Why? Because ‘mighty is as mighty does!’

But, before we get to ‘the rest of the story’, I wonder why the enemy brought 800 men against 1? I wonder what the enemy knew about Adino that made them fear a ‘fair fight’? I wonder what had Adino done in the past to merit such high regards of his enemy in the present?

I believe the reputation of Adino preceded him. His past victories in battle struck fear in the heart of the enemy. When other had gone to war against Adino, to fight a ‘fair’ fight, they suddenly and painfully lost. Why? Because Adino knew that he was never outnumbered.

And the same is true for the Christian. Though Satan and his league of demons come…though the inhabitants of earth rally for your destruction… a Christian is never outnumbered. Why? Because they have God on their side!

David said in Psalms 35:1 “Plead my cause, O LORD, with them that strive with me: fight against them that fight against me.” You see, church family, David knew that he and God made a majority. No, actually, David knew that GOD made a majority, all by Himself. And when in need, David turned to His majority and said, ‘Fight against them that fight against me.’

Do you have someone who is fighting against you? Do you have someone who is speaking evil against you? Are you outnumbered by those that seek to destroy you? Be mindful of what Adino, the mighty man of David, did. Fight against all odds and realize you’re never outnumbered with God on you side.

So, what’s the ‘rest of the story’? Actually, it’s the best of the story!’ Adino, facing 800 enemies of God, picked up his spear, straightened his back, and went to work! One by one, the enemy fell at his feet. One by one, they fell like flies. One by one, until there were none, Adino with God on His side, slew 800 men in a single day.

How can this be? Mathematically this is impossible. The rules of war mandate a different outcome. All it would take was a single blow, from one of the 800 soldiers, to end this battle and kill Adino. Are you telling me that not one of the 800 soldiers could deliver such a fatal blow to Adino? No, I’m not telling you that…God is! No weapon lifted against Adino that day could kill him. No weapon lifted against Adino that day could stop him. No weapon lifted against Adino that day could prosper.

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