Summary: A beautiful picture of those that come to Jesus, and those he desires to use.

“Mighty Men of the King”

Sermon Series

A Man after God’s Own Heart

Part 3

Date: November 2, 2003 A.M. Service

Place: Allendale Baptist

Text: 1 Samuel 22:1-2


This morning we will continue in our study of the life of David. David although a sinner; a man who commits two of what we would see as the most disgusting of sins, is called in Scripture, a man after God’s own heart.

Before we have our reading of the Scripture, let me give you a little background.

• King Saul, the people’s choice, has disobeyed God. Not only is he being removed from the throne but God’s Spirit is dealing with him.

• David has been anointed as the new King, God’s choice.

• David has been brought into the Kings palace to play his harp and sing for the Saul, but after David has killed the giant and won battle after battle, victory over victory, Saul has become jealous of David, and has tried to kill him.

• In fear for his own life David, escapes Saul’s persecution.

• David has found friendship with Saul’s son, Jonathan, who helps with his escape.

• David makes his way to a city called Adullam, which some say translates, a place of refuge.

• Adullam is located some 17 miles southwest of Jerusalem. Here it seems David makes his headquarters in a cave.

As we look at this man on the run, I wish this morning to look not only his life, but also men that are lead to follow and serve along side of him. I want us to look at what the Bible calls David’s Mighty Men.

This morning I want to try and answer two questions: Who are they? And if time allows, what do they do?

Read 1 Samuel 22:1-2


• We are told there are 37 mighty men that are listed in 2 Samuel chapter 23. We will look at a few of them as we close this morning.

• In chapter 22 we are told that some 400 come to David but later on we are told that there are some 600.

• The Bible refers to these men of David, this seemingly small army.

• The Hebrew word used to describe this men is the word gibbor meaning mighty or powerful.

• As we look at who they are this morning we will see they do not begin with the characteristics of powerful, mighty men. But we will notice they were powerful in the sense that they were in the will of God and they were doing God’s will.

I need to tell you this morning and remind you that David is used here as an illustration of Christ.

• David is being rejected. David is in this time from the anointing and being chosen to be King until he would assume the throne.

• During this time David is being disciplined and trained of God to be the man of God He desires him to be.

• As David made his escape from Saul and came to this city of Adullam some 400 men came to him.

Let’s begin to look at these Mighty Men and find the answer to our first question; who are they?

I. Those Who Were In Distress.

Someone in distress can be defined in one of theses three ways.

A. Someone in pain.

• Now all of these three point may sound repetitive but please stay with me.

• These men that came to David were rejected by the world and rejection brings with it pain; physical pain; emotional pain and spiritual pain.

Distress can also be defined as …

B. Someone in grief.

• Someone in distress may going through a period of grief in their life.

A distressed person could be…

C. Someone in need.

• My dear friend you do not have to look very far, to find someone in need.

• Just like these men that came to David, there are men and women today who are in distress, who feel the burden of sin in their life; who feel the pain of sin in their life; who feel the grief from sin in their life and that feel the need of relief from that sin in their lives.

• They need to come to the only one that can bring deliverance.

• They need to come to the Savior. They need to come to Jesus and enlist under His banner, under His Kingship and authority.

• John Bunyan, the writer of the great book “The Pilgrim’s Progress” said that when he came to Christ he did not come just as a simmer, but there was borne in upon him the conviction that he was a sinner from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, that he was sick with sin, that he was like a putrid, running sore in God’s sight. And in distress he went to Christ.

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