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Summary: WOW!! These people, with whom Christ would not associate, sure look like “good” people to me. I’ve never “prophesied in Christ’s name”. I’ve never “cast out demons in Christ’s name”. Based on outward results, those folks seem to be pretty nice people

A few days ago, I was talking to a person at the "Y" and he was telling me about a demonstration of magic on one of the TV channels during the New Year’s celebrations. You know how it goes, everyone has a better story than the one just before. In the course of time, another fellow told of a web site that is designed to demonstrate how easy it is to give your mind to the control of another. This web site gives a demonstration, a warning and then suggestions so a person can guard against such mind control by another.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you the address of the site. The fellow who was talking about it didn’t know the address off the top of his head, but said he would get it to me the next time we saw each other. Our paths have not crossed since that day.

I tried to search for the site, but had no success, it proved to be a dead end. There were ONLY 119,000,000 hits on "mind control". When I see that many zeros after a 3 digit number, it so confuses me that I have NO mind control, whatsoever. So I will just relate to you what was passed along to me about the site.

The instructions on the site are clear that what takes place is only a demonstration of how easily a person can come under the domination of another. To make a long story short, you are asked to type your name. You can, if you choose, type a name that is not yours, or a completely fictitious name. You are also asked to hand write that name on a piece of paper.

Next, you are asked to type a security number. Just so you will be comfortable with the test, they ask that the number be one that is not even close to any of your security numbers. Then you are to write that number next to the name on the paper. However, once you type the security number and hit the space bar, the name and number disappear from the screen.

Then you go through a series of shapes on the screen, different sounds, and answer some simple question. At the close of the time of shapes, sounds and questions, you are ask to perform an action to show that you are under a self-hypnotic state.

You are ask to type whether your are male or female. At the time of the question, the screen shows pictures of animals such as a cat, cow, etc. As you type, instead of typing male or female, you type the name of one of the animal pictured on the screen. Try as you will, you can’t make your fingers type male or female. Instead, you keep typing the name of one of the animals on the screen.

You are then told that to break spell you are under, simply type your assumed name and security number. Of course, you can’t remember the name and number, even if you look at them on the piece of paper.

When you give-up, you can double click the screen and you will see more shapes and music, after which you are ask to type the name and security number. At that time, you can type the name and number, even without looking at them on the paper. Your session, on this site, closes with an explanation of how these methods are being used by some to obtain sales, and even personal information.

They also outline how you can avoid such practices. One of the main things you can do to avoid such control is to approach the demonstration with a skeptical mind, and don’t get caught up in the activity of the site but keep a clear purpose in mind.

To all of this, I replied to the fellow that I wouldn’t want to take the "test", because what if I didn’t "break" the spell? It was comforting to know that even if I were interrupted and didn’t break the "spell", the "spell" would automatically be released in a few minutes.

I can’t verify this site, however, there some similar practices that I can verify, and these types of practices have a bearing on knowing and using proper doctrine.

The magic show on TV during one of the New Year’s celebrations, referred to at the beginning of this lesson, was performed by the Amazing "Somebody", I can’t remember his name. There have been a number of clips of that magic show rerun on other programs. One thing the Amazing "Somebody" did was take a group of people and through suggestions make them feel and act as though they were drunk, even thought they only drank plain water.

I was watching Fox and Friends and this fellow was being interviewed. He gave each of the three anchors a plumb bob on a string. A plumb bob is a pointed weight attached to a string that is often used to establish a straight vertical line. The three anchors of Fox and Friends were to hold the plumb bob over a card. The card had a circle printed on it with two intersecting lines dividing the circle into four equal parts.

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