Summary: This is a message that shows the qualities of a minister or servant by studying the lives of the builders of the tabernacle.


Exodus 31:1-6. W. Max Alderman

Introduction: The clear instructions needed for the making of the tabernacle, its furniture, and the priest’s dresses were given to Moses. Now God takes the responsibility of selecting His workers to do His work. In this important lesson seven names are mentioned. Perhaps these seven names give us a clue as to the characteristics that God desires in His ministers or servants.

ONE-Bezaleel-means "in the shadow of God"

(ex. Song-"Under His Wings")

a. The security of the shadow.

b. The solace of the shadow.

c. The sacredness of the shadow.

TWO-Uri-"Light of Jehovah"

a. The light reveals the path.

b. The light also reveals the problems.


a. To be free born

b. To be noble

c. To be white (Purity)

FOUR-Judah-means "Praise"

a. Praise glorifies the worship.

b. Praise gladdens the work.

FIVE-Aholiab-means "Tent of my Father" (Tent in the Scriptures speaks of separation.)

a. Speaks of a temporary place.

b. Speaks of a traveling person.

SIX-Ahisamach-means "Made up of two words that mean brotherly support."

a. Reminds us that we cannot stand alone.

b. Reminds us that we should not stand aloof.

SEVEN-Dan-means "to Judge"

a. The servant’s sins have been judged.

b. The servant’s works will be judged.

c. The servant’s activities should be self-judged.

CONCLUSION: May we pattern our lives in such a manner that we may be found to be good servants...

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