Summary: The Persecution of the early church scattered believers all over, everyone witnessed according to their understanding and gifts. Philip landed in Samaria and did wonders and reached many. Read and enjoy.

Acts 8:4-25 Samaria: Philip, Peter, and John

08:04-08 Ministry of Philip in Samaria

08:09-13,17-24 Conversion of Simon the Sorcerer

08:14-25 Ministry of Peter and John in Samaria

Happy New Year 2021!. This Part 3 of the ACTS covers the expansion of the Church into Samaria and Judea (Acts 8:4-12:25). We will complete this portion before the Holy Week on March 20th, 2021. After Easter, we will continue the study in the Apostles as Part 4. Hence, let us prayerfully involve in this year.

Acts 08:04-08 Ministry of Philip in Samaria

The last chapter ended with the ministry of Martyr Stephen at Jerusalem. Now, the ministry of his colleague Philip is recorded in this chapter. After the death of Stephen, all have scattered throughout Samaria and Judea. Philip landed at Samaria, where he began his preaching the Gospel with miraculous signs of healing and extortion of the spirits. There was great joy in the city of Samaria. True Christians can’t hold their peace, and nothing could stop them from proclaiming the Gospel. The persecution and death had been the cause of the fast growth of the Church in many centuries, and kingdoms. Persecuted Christians had strengthened their faith in Christ, and they had committed deeper into the Gospel preaching, teaching, and disciple process.

Acts 08:09-13, 17-24 Conversion of Simon the Sorcerer

The established congregation always faces the power struggle within themselves. There was a man named Simon, who was a sorcerer and living by it. He also accepted Christ and was baptized. He followed Philip leaving his sorcery and false gods. However, he was having evil thoughts in his mind about the Gospel work. He wanted to earn the position and power of God through money. He even offered money to Peter and John to get the anointing and earn money for his benefits. He did not come out of the wickedness, he was captivated by Sin, and he was full of bitterness of everything about Evangelists, Apostles, and believers. Simon's heart was not kept in order. He has understood neither the Gift of the Salvation nor the gift of the Holy Spirit. He was full of Evil designs in his heart. We may come across such converts and disciples. It is equivalent to bribe someone to reach a position, and use the power in the Church.

Acts 08:14-16,25 Ministry of Peter and John in Samaria

The news of the new believers in Samaria reached the Apostles in Jerusalem. The band of the Apostles, as soon as they heard the ministry of Philip, assigned John and Peter to go to Samaria and to encourage the new believers, who had accepted Jesus Christ as their Saviour. John and Peter reached Samaria and they appreciated the ministry of Philip. They were excited to see the expansion of the ministry as per the promise of the Lord. John and Peter preached the Word of the Lord and preached in many villages of the Samaria. There was a joy in the hearts of the Apostles, John, and Peter.


1. Does God plan to use Philip in Samaria, and what about the other five deacons?

2. What does Simon the Sorcerer teach us?

3. How do we value and help the converts of other ministries to grow in Christ and Church?

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