Summary: These are little short lessons or short messages to us in the bulletins, you can freely use this thoughts, no credit needed.

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This are bulletin stuffers or minute lessons by Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Permission granted to freely use.

His servant, Wade Martin Hughes, Sr.

Did you realize the person that needs your love the most probably deserves it the least? Forgiveness is a gift from God, that we can share with others... LOVE NEVER FAILS...

What kind of church would my church be if every member were just like me? You are a model, your life walks the runway and people are watching you. You are a mentor, coach and teacher and you are teaching lessons to some people? Have you looked at your lesson plans? Are you teaching wisely. You are a motivator... you must get off the couch. Have you read more Bible than watching movies? Like it or not you serve in these 3 roles... others are watching you, your best sermons are not words, but deeds and actions. Model, mentor, motivator...

Seems we hear a lot about revival, to move toward real revival we must have personal revival. You can not have corporate revival without personal revival? Were we closer to God two years ago than today? Did you used to give more? Lord, revive us again.

Perception can be perceived as reality, real or not.

Did you know that good comes.out of bad...???.Sometimes what appears to be a terrible thing, may be the best thing...? In 1964 a restaurant owner in Buffalo, New York ordered many chickens to cook. When the chicken got to the restaurant the whole order was nothing but chicken wings. Teressa Bellissimo was in despair with all those wings. She and her husband tried several things, they ended up frying the wings with barbecue and hot sause... The named the hot wings Buffalo wings, what was a bad mistake turned into a very profitable business. Maybe we should trust the unseen hand of God to turn our mistakes into good things?

I know the holiday season is upon us, and I know some of us are concerned about maintaining a healthy weight... I have developed a good plan of drastically reducing your weigh... Only place one foot on the scales... Keep the other foot firmly on the floor, this should reduce you weight by about 1/3... Remember keep one foot firmly on the floor and place the other foot on the scales. I would like to hear if this works for you or not.

I write to inform you, it is official, I tell the truth, I am married to the oldest woman I have ever been married to... This woman is a grandmother... Happy birthday Linda...

You ever forget today is a gift from God? Does heaviness cause us to loose our focus on what is important? There is a person in hospice that would trade places with you... Today is God's gift... What you do with it is your gift back to him... ??? Invest wisely, if you messed up yesterday, learn and press forward. Our walk is not by emotions... But by FAITH---

Does chronic come into play? How about confidence... Could it feel like beating your head against steal plated concrete? Could it be the lack of praise or applause... Maybe forgetting the eternal ... Think about the lady that came to spent all and RATHER GREW WORSE...

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