Summary: PB: To understand the longing for God’s word or the lack of it Theme: The word of God is a lifegiving Miracle Thrust: The word of God is as necessary to daily living as breath is to life; to show us the way and give us understanding in life situations


Mouth to mouth resuscitation. This is a procedure given to a drowning person whose lungs are filled with water. The Nostrils of the victim is pressed by the one administering and air is blown into the lungs of the victim. Troubled waters were over my head when I came to the Lord but I was sustained by the word of God. It saved a drowning man with its lifegiving power. So much of what I share today is what I have personally experienced

As we know by now that Psalm 119 is an acrostic psalm of the Hebrew alphabet the verse of our meditation is part of the eight verses that begin with the Hebrew Alphabet Peh. Hebrew in its history was a pictorial language. The Symbol for Peh is mouth and one of its meaning is to blow. And this must be taken into consideration in any interpretation of the context of this verse. When our Psalmist says that He is longing for God’s word he is saying that he is longing for the word of God With a longing that is so intense that His very life depends on it and the entrance; some translations say unfolding of the word Gone forth from the mouth of God is eagerly inhaled by him as if His life depended on it. If your very life depends on the word of God one must understand this longing this hunger for the word of God of the lack of it.

To give you a sense of how I eagerly inhaled God’s word I brought the bible that led me to Christ. It is tattered and torn and unreadable because of the dog ears that it has; one cannot search for a verse as one cannot see the top reference. It Was given to me by a Barry Sjostrand of Visialia CA USA at a church meeting I attended conducted by the catholic priests. God bless him. I carried it around for 20 years till a member of the very church that this group planted, the Indian church of Christ, took time out and studied the word of God with me. God is indeed Longsuffering. In the intervening period I led a wayward life separated from the life of Christ till the Miracle of my spiritual birth happened.

That brings me to the first point in the context of our verse

The Miracle of God’s word: Born of God , Born of His word


1. The Miracle: Born of God and Born of the Word Gen 2:7, 1Pe 1:23

The first time something a kin mouth to mouth resuscitation is mentioned in the Bible Gen 2:7 it is concerned with birth, God blew the breath of life into the nostrils of Adam and it says ..And Adam became a living soul. Even today the fact that conception occurs and a physical birth occurs is a miracle. The male spermatozoa has to travel is 4 inches which for its size is equivalent to and adult human swimming across the pacific ocean from Los Angeles to Tahiti; that is a distance of 6500 Kms or 8 hours of flying time. Wow! How much more is the miracle of a spiritual birth. The root of the word in Hebrew for “wonderful” is miracle so when the psalmist is saying Thy testimonies (witness of The LORD about himself) are wonderful, he is affirming the supernatural nature of the word of God. When the Psalmist said I opened my mouth and panted he is using a simile to say that his very life depends on it

a. The Miracle is extremely personal; one cannot tell Jn3:8; therefore, obedience is the natural outcome of the miracle. Others will see the change don’t bother explaining you can’t.

Many of us seated here if not all have experienced the lifegiving power of the word of God and since then have such an intense longing for the word of God that we can’t get enough of it. To understanding the longing, we must put into perspective the miraculous lifegiving power of the word of God that results in spiritual birth. 1Pe 1:23 “we are born again of the living and abiding word of God”. This spiritual birth is so important that Jesus explained it to Nicodemus. Nicodemus was part of the Jewish Sanhedrin a Pharisee doing all the right religious practises as the pharisee sect had separated themselves to strictly adhere to the word of God. He tells Nicodemus that unless this spiritual birth takes place a man cannot see the kingdom of God. Then Jesus goes on to give the analogy of the wind, “we cannot tell” you feel but cannot explain it completely. This holy Word Leads you to God through Jesus Christ. I was fascinated by this man Christ who I know as God and Messiah. If you want to point some one to God begin with the Man Christ 1Tim 2:5

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