Summary: The first Miracle of Jesus, turning the water into wine.

Today I’d like to talk about Miracles John 2:1-11

(Jesus performed His 1st Miracle / Elaborate / Some Big Some Small / Jack Cancer

John 2:1-11 Read

Now Does it seem strange to you that Jesus would pick a wedding as the place to launch His Ministry?

• Maybe even

• Maybe You should start out with something like Healing a blind man.

• That ought to get ya on the 6 oclock news for sure.

• Or better yet Why don’t you Cleanse a leaper that’s always a crowd pleaser

• They’ll love it.

• But then if you really want them to stand up / take notice

• Why don’t you raise someone from the dead

• That would cinch it up

• Your career would be off to a flying start

But then Jesus would say “Ya know I was thinking about turning water into wine”

• Why would anyone want to do a miracle like that?

• But that’s exactly what Jesus did

Jesus was attending a wedding

• Just kicking back / Relaxing / (elaborate on wedding atmospheres)

• Jesus was Enjoying the celebration of a man and a woman committing themselves to each other in marriage.

Jesus, The Creator of all, was the one who invented marrage

• So It only makes sense that He would join in the festivities.

• It only makes sense that He would Bless this young couple with His presence

• A little know carpenter from Nazareth / feasted and celebrated on this joyous occasion

But Water into Wine?

• Why would the Messiah / The Son of God

• Begin His ministry with such an unusual act?

Lets think about this for a minute

• Jesus performed a miracle to brought Happiness and Joy

• To celebrate the union of a man and a woman.

• What Jesus did for this young couple in Cana

• Shows us that God can and does intervene in our lives at any moment

• And He provides us exactly what we need.

• In fact many times He goes far beyond what we need or ever thought to ask for

This wasn’t some lame slight of hand trick

• Like dropping some food coloring into those huge 30 gallon containers

• Jesus created fine wine / perfect wine / in an instant!

• This was wine that by every indication had come from premium grapes.

• Those Grapes had Grown on healthy vines.

• They had soaked up the warm Middle East sun for a full season.

• Then they were crushed in a wine press

• And stored in special skins / or casks / and aged to perfection.

There are people that consider themselves Wine Connoisseurs

• If you ever are surfing the channels and some how end up on the food channel

• You might see a guy take some tiny sips out of a wine glass

• Then swirl it around in the glass

• And exclaim about it’s qualities

• He will tell you more about wine then you ever wanted to know

• He will tell you about its Aroma

• He’ll tell you about the Bouquet

• He’ll tell you about its Finish

• We sometimes refer to people like this as Wine Snobs

• But for some people wine is an elaborate science

Jesus created 180 gallons of Superlative Wine in the blink of an eye

• If He had wanted to, He could have turned the whole Sea of Galilee into cabernet

• After all at one time He turned the Nile river into blood.

• But He limited this miracle / to those 6 Stone Waterpots at a wedding feast

• In the little backwater town of Cana.

Jesus said

• Fill the water pots

• And the servants did what they were told.

• There is always a part for God to play / and a part for us to play

As The Water was distributed

• Of course it was turned to wine

• The man that was in charge of the celebration

• Knew something extraordinary was up after 1 sip.

Can you imagine

• The surprise and wonder on his face when he tasted that wine?

• He most have been asking himself “ Where did these kids come up with this wine”

• There is no doubt that this was the best wine that he had ever tasted.

• Or than he would ever taste again.

• Then a look of puzzlement must have come across his face.

• Because he just didn’t get it

• Usually a host serves the best wine first, But you have chosen to keep the best till last. When everybody is already drunk

God always saves the best for last

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